dTabs Version 1.3 Released

Just 66 days after the release of version 1.2.2 , dTabs 1.3 is now available for download. 1.3 fixes several bugs and adds few new features including:

  • New “between” argument for dtab_list_tabs for adding content between tabs.
  • New “fadetime” argument for dtab_list_tabs to enable control over the length of time it takes to fade.
  • Provisional support for javascript free css menus.

Kubrick Tabs has also been updated to support dTabs 1.3.

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5 Responses to dTabs Version 1.3 Released

  1. Cool. Looks like that is the thing i wanted. Will look at it and hopefully it fits my needs for a dynamic menu.

  2. kosta says:


    could some one please post a code snippet for a sample “more then a row ” menue. I don’t understand where to put what to get a sub menue in this doubtless great way of navigation.

    tks in advance


  3. Mrheaven says:

    Hello This Plugin have a capacity to inset in post or pages?, i need put tabs as http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dtabs/ in the body of page or post

    If possible
    How is done whin this plugin?
    Thanks for help


  4. Dave says:

    Yeah, if you use a plugin to execute php in posts eg Exec-PHP.

    Hope that helps :-)

  5. Stefan says:

    Hey all,

    When will the qTranslate/dTabs version be released?
    I really want to have multiple language tabs since this is the only tabs plugin I could find

    Hope to hear from you guys soon


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