dTabs (Dynamic Tabs) – WordPress Plugin

dTabs is no longer under active development.
I originally developed dTabs really as a hobby while a student. Updating and maintaining it is very time consuming and as of version 3.0, Wordpress now includes a Custom Menu feature which allows the creation of custom menus. This covers the basic functionality of dTabs so I would reccomend that users of dTabs should install a new theme and use Worpress Custom Menus.


Provides a function to output a user controled dynamically tabbed navigation system with optional drop down menus in Wordpress. Basically, it makes adding dynamic tabs to your Wordpress blog/theme easy.

…more info

  • dTabs can be easily added as an option in themes.
  • Tabs can be made for the posts page, the front page, individual posts, categories, pages, the archives, the bookmarks, and external links.
  • Tabs for categories and pages have optional dropdown menus of their sub-categories/sub-pages, while archives and bookmarks have non-optional drop down menus.
  • Tabs are set up by the user via administrator preferences, while their properties and appearance can either be set by the user via administrator preferences or within the theme’s css.

Recent Changes

Version 1.4 24/07/2009

  • Moved admin panel from Tools to Options.
  • Added option to disable links for tabs (Suggested by Elody).
  • Added option to make tabbar a class instead of id for use with multiple tabbars (Suggested by Mor).
  • Updated default css for use with tabbar class.
  • Added first and last classes to respective tabs (Suggested by johnho).
  • Implemented hierarchical dropdown boxes for categories and pages when editing a tab.
  • Increased use of internal WP functions to reduce calls to the database and speed up dTabs.
  • Updated implementation of metaboxes to work with WP 2.8.
  • Fixed Uninstall dTabs button to work with WP 2.8.

Download the latest version

If you find this plugin useful then please consider making a donation to help fund it’s further development.


As of version 1.2, dTabs requires Wordpress Version 2.5 or greater for full functionality.


  1. Extract dtabs.zip on your local machine.
  2. Upload dtabs.php to your Wordpress Plugins directory.
  3. Activate dTabs in the Plugins section of the admin control panel.

Please note that if your theme is not pre-enabled for dTabs you need to paste a snippet of code into your theme before your tabs will appear on your blog, alternatively/in addition you could ask your theme’s author to pre-enable your theme.


To update follow the instructions for installation, writing over the old dtabs.php in your plugin directory.

Uninstallation and deactivation

To uninstall dTabs, click on uninstall on the Manage > Tabs admin panel. This will remove all of dTabs’ settings and deactivate the plugin, if you would like to keep your settings for future use, then simply deactivate dTabs on the Plugins admin panel as you would any other plugin.

Themes pre-enabled for dTabs

Kubrick tabs

Please feel free to add any more themes to list by commenting on this post :-).

Adding dTabs to your theme

To insert the tabs into a theme which is not pre-enabled, just copy and paste the code below into a template file corrisponding with where you wish your tabs to appear (most people will probable use header.php). The only requirement is that it is placed within the body html tags (ie somewhere after the <body> tag in header.php, before the </body> tag in footer.php, or anywhere in any other template file).

if (function_exists('dtab_list_tabs')) {

If the dTabs plugin is activated, this code will output your tabs. If it is not then it does nothing, your theme will display as normal, (minus your dynamic tabs).

The only thing left to do is add css formatting to your tabs and drop down menus, mainly so that a) the selected tabs are displaid differently to the non-selected tabs, b) that the drop down menus are positioned correctly in relation to their tabs, and c) that the tabs are displayed on the same line (ie if you want a horizontal navigation menu).

A good starting point for this is checking out the CSS section on the Manage Tabs admin preference pane. Ticking Automatic css generation will display some example css for you to work on. While the box is ticked the css will automatically be inserted into the header of every page in your blog. If you are pre-enabling a theme for public release then you will need to insert the css for the tabs into your theme’s css file.

The tabs will appear in your html as a list of links in the following format:

  • <li class="tabselected"><a href="Tab URL/Path/Permalink" id="Tab Name_tab">Tab Label</a></li> for selected tabs
  • <li class="tab"><a href="Tab URL/Path/Permalink" id="Tab Name_tab">Tab Label</a></li> for none selected tabs
  • The links will be wrapped within <ul> tags with a class of tabbar:

    <ul class="tabbar">
    	<li class="tabselected"><a href="Tab1 URL/Path/Permalink" id="tab1_tab">Tab1 Label</a></li>
    	<li class="tab"><a href="Tab2 URL/Path/Permalink" id="tab2_tab">Tab2 Label</a></li>
    	<li class="tab"><a href="Tab3 URL/Path/Permalink" id="tab3_tab">Tab3 Label</a></li>

    By default this will create an unordered list of tabs – a vertical dynamically tabed navigation system.

    dtab_list_tabs() has six parameters which enable you to modify it’s output:

    • before
      (string) Optional: text/html to place before each link. There is no default.
    • after
      (string) Optional: text/html to place after each link. There is no default.
    • between
      (string) Optional: text/html to place between each list-item (tab). There is no default.
    • fadetype
      (string) Optional: js or css. The default is js, css is not currently supported in IE.
    • fadetime
      (numeric) Optional: the length of time in milliseconds over which menus should fade in and out. The default is 500. This parameter is only taken into acount if fadetype is unchanged or set to js.
    • outputjs
      (boolean) Optional: 1 outputs javascript with the tabs, 0 doesn’t (so that a javascript file can be included with the theme, which is more efficient than sending it with each page). The default is 1. This parameter is only taken into acount if fadetype is unchanged or set to js.
    • tabbar
      (boolean) Optional: class is the default and gives the unordered list of tabs a class of “tabbar”. id also gives the unordered list of tabs an id of “tabbar” aswell as the default class of “tabbar”.

    Any drop down menus will simply be a list of links to any subcategories for that tab enclosed in div tags with a class of “dmenu” and an id of “tab name_menu” eg:

    <div class="dmenu" id="Downloads_menu">
    	<li><a href="subcategory 1 url">subcategory 1 name</a></li>
    		<li><a href="subcategory 1.1 url">subcategory 1.1 name</a></li>
    		<li><a href="subcategory 1.2 url">subcategory 1.2 name</a></li>
    	<li><a href="subcategory 2 url">subcategory 2 name</a></li>
    	<li><a href="subcategory 3 url">subcategory 3 name</a></li>

    To check for the name of the current tab (using a pre-enabled or manually enabled theme with the dTab plugin installed and activated) take a look at the source of any post/page/category/etc and the name of the current tab will be contained in a comment just below the html for your tabs.


    • The tabs on this site were made and are managed using dTabs.
    • Kubrick tabs – a Kubrick (WP’s default theme) pre-enabled for dTabs

    For examples of slightly more advanced css than that in the Tabs Options pannel, take a look at the css files in Kubrick tabs or on this site (style.css/style.css.php).

    Download the latest version


    If you find this plugin useful then please consider making a donation to help fund it’s further development.

    Known Issues

    I have experienced problems after restoring my database from a backup. This problem is due to the way in which Wordpress stores data for plugins and how certain scripts export this data when making backups. There isn’t much I can do to prevent it, but the problem can be fixed by reseting your tabs.


    Any suggestions? Let me know


    Downloads Per Day

    Version 1.4 24/07/2009

    • Moved admin panel from Tools to Options.
    • Added option to disable links for tabs (Suggested by Elody).
    • Added option to make tabbar a class instead of id for use with multiple tabbars (Suggested by Mor).
    • Updated default css for use with tabbar class.
    • Added first and last classes to respective tabs (Suggested by johnho).
    • Implemented hierarchical dropdown boxes for categories and pages when editing a tab.
    • Increased use of internal WP functions to reduce calls to the database and speed up dTabs.
    • Updated implementation of metaboxes to work with WP 2.8.
    • Fixed Uninstall dTabs button to work with WP 2.8.

    Version 1.3 05/07/2008 (11006 downloads)

    • Fixed problem with default css in Firefox 2 where tabs always appear on seperate lines (reported by G Dan Mitchell and fixed by Ian Brown).
    • Added “between” argument for dtab_list_tabs for adding content between tabs.
    • Added “fadetime” argument for dtab_list_tabs to enable control over the length of time it takes to fade menus and add the option of disabling fading all together.
    • Fixed flickering of dropdown menus in certain circumstances.
    • Added provisional (not suported by IE) support for javascript free css menus .
    • Added “fadetype” argument for dtab_list_tabs for switching to javascript free menus.
    • Updated default css to support javascript free css menus.
    • Added auto css for javascript free css layered menus.

    Version 1.2.2 29/04/2008 (1909 downloads)

    • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.2.1 that prevented tabs with non-word characters in their name being selected (reported by Joy).

    Version 1.2.1 20/04/2008 (456 downloads)

    • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.2 that prevented menus fading out for tabs with non-word characters in their name (Reported by Mike and Morgan).

    Version 1.2 02/04/2008 (664 downloads)

    • Improved improved support for static front pages
    • Updated javascript to properly support Safari 3 (and dropped support for Safari 2)
    • Updated javascript to fade drop down menus in and out
    • Made javascript output optional (so a javascript file can be included with themes)
    • Depreciated dtabs_echo_dtabs, replaced with dtabs_list_tabs
    • Removed Tabs Options pannel
    • Moved automatic CSS generation option to Manage Tabs Panel
    • Dropped before and after admin options
    • Rewrote default CSS, making it more complex but producing half decent looking tabs
    • Used register_activation_hook to set up tabs upon activation
    • Introduced activation message
    • Introduced ability to uninstall
    • Integrated into WP 2.5 UI
    • Made other minor changes to streamline the interface

    Version 1.1 18/12/2007 (1045 downloads)

    • Added full support for static front pages
    • Added suport for automatic update checking
    • Prepared for internationalisation
    • Fixed several empty array bugs (reported by Joost Verweij and others)

    Version 1.0.4 16/10/2007 (390 downloads)

    • Fixed ambiguity bug (reported by Julian) introduced with 1.0.3
    • Fixed a bug also introduced with 1.0.3 that prevented dTabs from recognising sub categories

    Version 1.0.3 15/10/2007 (6 downloads)

    • Added support for WP 2.3

    Verson 1.0.2 – 17/08/2007 (240 downloads)

    • Fixed the zero bug (reported by Gregg Mendez) where in certain circumstances a “0″ was added within tabs’ links tags – invalidating the html.
    • Fixed the slashes bug (reported by AJ) so slashes are stripped from tab labels
    • Rearranged the order of tags for tabs so that before and after parameters are applied within the list item tags, to enable Gina’s suggestion to allow tabs to stretch and expand – i.e. dynamic css.
    • Minor update to default css

    Verson 1.0.1 – 03/04/2007 (496 downloads)

    • Fixed behaviour for page tabs so that they cannot be confused with categories of the same id number.
    • Put tabs in an unordered list – replacing the <div> tags with <ul>s and <span> tags with <li>s.

    Verson 1.0 – 09/02/2007 (479 downloads)

    • Added simple dynamic menu functionality – tabs that link to categories and pages can have a css/javascript drop down menu listing any subcategories, sub-pages, archives, or bookmarks in a hierarchal tree.
    • Fixed the problem with the default tab present upon installation or after resetting the tabs so that it can be selected.
    • Fixed the bug caused by database changes brought in with WP 2.1 (reported by James) where pages were no longer listed in the Modify > Tabs admin pannel.
    • Added ability to make tabs for pages, subcategories, archives, and bookmarks (previously it was only super-parent categories and pages).
    • Improved the method by which the current tab is selected – now all tabs linking to the current page/post/category and it’s parents are taken into consideration, and the closest match is selected.

    Verson 0.911 – 14/08/2006 (645 downloads)

    • Fixed behaviour for blog/main page tab so that it can be selected and so the link points towards the blogs web address (instead of the website’s root directory).

    Verson 0.91 – 06/06/2006 (327 downloads)

    • Added options > Tabs admin panel, with the following features:
      • Optional automatic (basic) css generation/example.
      • Optional automatic css output into any theme.
      • Option to create vertical tab interface (as opposed to horizontal by default).
      • The ability to add html before and after each tab (just like you can in the templates).
    • Also added the option to control the formatting of selected and non selected tabs using their id instead of class, allowing the custom formatting for each tab.

    Verson 0.9 – 10/03/2006 (28 downloads)

    • Update to manage > Tabs admin panel, including the addition of a drop down list of available tabs to make setting the plugin up as easy as possible.
    • Fixed behaviour with categories: current tab now reflects the parent category instead of the current category.

    Verson 0.8 – 09/02/2006 (10 downloads)

    • Initial release

    If you would like to request any particular features for this plugin then feel free to leave a comment. Please note that while I will try my best to help, development of the plugin is very time consuming so unless it’s a tiny adjustment don’t expect any fast results ;-)

    Support and Feedback

    I no longer have the time to maintain dTabs or offer support. I suggest installing a new theme and setting up a new menu using Worpress Custom Menus.

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    303 Responses to dTabs (Dynamic Tabs) – WordPress Plugin

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    2. Mike says:

      I am using the dtabs plugin with the Kubrick theme…everything is working pretty smoothly except for one thing…on of my tabs labeled “hope home” gets stuck open…and sometimes the tabs don’t seem to want to open at all. Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    3. Mattias says:

      How to make a blogpost show a tab as current?

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    5. Mor says:

      Awesome plug-in!
      One question, though:

      I created a menu combined from pages and categories. When I am on a page, I do have the class “tabselected”, but on a category page, the class remain the regular one: “tab”. I looked at the examples you mentioned above and saw that in them, the category page do get the class “tabselected”. What is the fix for that, or am I doing something wrong?


    6. Mor says:

      Huh, forget about my comments. My categories were empty. Once I created posts for them, the menu was showing up just fine!!!

      Great job!

      Thank you.

    7. Morgan says:

      I’m having some trouble with this plugin after upgrading to WP 2.5 and dTabs 1.2.

      One drop-down menu will open but not close and no further menus will open. There seems to be a problem with the code to close tabs.

      I’ve debugged using Firebug and it reports the following:
      “invalid assignment left-hand side
      Possibly relates to dtabs.php, line 983 – should this be ==false

      “hidingmenu_photo is not defined
      if (keepshowingmenu==0 && activemenuid!=”" &&
      Can’t figure this one out.

      I’ve used the latest dtabs file, the new bbKubrick theme and tried disabling all other plugins with no success. Any help available?

    8. Morgan says:

      Hi, regarding my problem below, I’ve figured out what’s going on (after comparing to your own page).

      When a WordPress page title contains a space (e.g. Photo Gallery), the default URL becomes /photo-gallery. It looks like the “-” in the tab title will cause a problem with the code (specifically hidingmenu). To avoid this I’ve removed the “-” from my page titles.

    9. Dave says:

      @ Mike and Morgan, thanks for reporting this, it should be fixed in version 1.2.1.

    10. joy says:

      thanks for this wonderful plugin!

      i’m having the same problem with Mor, the tabs don’t turn white when they are selected. any suggestions?

    11. Dave says:

      @joy, to start with you have a slight error in your hmtl – a list item tag that you don’t close (“<li”), also you’ve placed your tabbar inside an unordered list (I think to include your tab to “All blogs”). So try and get rid of that open list item tag and the “nav” unordered list, and replace the “All blogs” tab in the Tabs admin panel.

      If you’re still having problems try playing with the css that selects “.tabselected”, try “#tabbar .tabselected” instead.

      I hope that helps, but if it doesn’t, then get back to me ;-)

    12. D4W50N says:

      Why don’t you make ready-to-use theme so that we don’t have to touch the theme or re-edit! Add dTabs and made it ready to download please! hehe,,,

    13. Dave says:

      @ D4W50N, have a read of the documentation, it’s really not that hard, also check out the Themes pre-enabled for dTabs section for a ready made theme ;-)

    14. joy says:

      @Dave, thanks for your reply, it really helped! :)

      i tried closing the list tag but it didn’t work, so i removed it totally and played around with the css. i also removed the “nav” unordered list, and replaced the “All blogs” tab in the Tabs admin panel.

      everything seems to be working except the “All blogs” tab which is not changing colour on active. “All blogs” tab is using “front_page” and all the other tabs are using “categories”.

      looking forward to hearing from you. thanks in advance!

      oh btw, here’s the css:

      ul#tabbar {
      bottom:0; left:0;
      margin:0 0 0 16px;

      ul#tabbar li {
      margin:0 0.5em 0 0;

      ul#tabbar li a {
      padding:10px 14px;
      border:1px solid #fff;
      border-color:#357 #002 #002 #357;

      ul#tabbar li a:hover {

      ul#tabbar .tabselected a,
      ul#tabbar .current_page_item a:hover {
      border-color:#ff3 #da0 #da0 #ff3;

    15. Nathan Cain says:

      Why does the menu on my page have two rows instead of just one?

    16. Jakob Helmer says:

      Dear David,

      Thank you for a great plugin! I really enjoy the ease of use. Although, after upgrading to 1.2.1 I have a slight problem. I use dTabs to make a horizontal topbar navigation which calls a series of pages from WordPress. This works perfectly. See it here: http://kirkeligkunst.dk

      However, if you click the second tab called “Om Selskabet” and check the page source, the element hasn’t got the class=”tabselected”, only class=”tab”. All the other pages work as intended, and I haven’t changed anything on the problematic page itself in WordPress. Is this related to dTabs or WordPress? I can’t seem to figure it out. I tried resetting the tabs and rebuild them to no avail. The same problem crops up. Is it related to the page slug?

      I would appreciate it if you have the time to look at this,

      Best regards,
      Jakob Helmer

    17. Jakob Helmer says:

      Well, changing the slug title to not include hyphens made the tab work as advertised again. So forget my former post. Not optimal, but I’m not going to complain about this fantastic tool, which is made available for free. Thanks again, David!

    18. Matt says:

      I can’t get it to work… all it shows is the text of the snipit I put pasted

      Please help.
      thanks for your plugin

    19. Adam says:

      I am haveing the same problem as Matt “all it shows is the text of the snipit I pasted”.

    20. Stan says:

      Good day, my problem is: do not appear active tabs of categories

    21. Stan says:

      I found the problem: the Russian language. It can not be ID

    22. Walt says:

      Hi. Can these be set up somehow “inside” a page to navigate using the nextpage function (i.e.- multi-page posts or pages)?

    23. Bob says:

      Hi Dave,

      Great plugin. I think I’ve tried every horizontal menubar capable plugin for WordPress with mixed success on the Chronicles theme, but your is the best. However, my situation isn’t optimal yet and I can assure you I’ll be hitting that PayPal donate button if I can get two issues fixed.

      Please refer to http://www.texaun.com I’m currently using a modified version of the default dTabs css, but I tried the Kubrick code and even what Joy posted in comments with comparable issues. The two issues are:

      • When I mouseover the menubar, the dropdown doesn’t activate for subpages (the main pages About, Dogs, Puppies, and Resources have subpages). However, when one of those main pages is the current page, the dropdown does activate for that main page.

      • However, when the dropdown activates, it has a horizontal orientation instead of a vertical one.

      The Chronicles theme is available at blogohblog.com and my css follows. Any assistance provided is greatly appreciated!


      /* Default CSS generated by dTabs */

      /* make the list horizontal */
      #tabbar li, #tabbar ul li, {
      display: inline;
      #tabbar a, .tab, .tabselected {
      display: inline-block;

      /* draw yellow borders around the tabs or not with 0px, add minimal rounded corners and little spacing */
      .tab, .tabselected {
      border: 0px solid rgb(255,255,204);
      -moz-border-radius-topleft: 5px;
      -moz-border-radius-topright: 5px;
      -moz-border-radius-bottomleft: 0;
      -moz-border-radius-bottomright: 0;
      -khtml-border-radius-top-left: 5px;
      -khtml-border-radius-top-right: 5px;
      -khtml-border-radius-bottom-left: 0;
      -khtml-border-radius-bottom-right: 0;
      -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 5px;
      -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 5px;
      -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 0;
      -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 0;
      padding: 1px;
      margin: 1px;
      height: 12px;

      /* colour unselected tabs dark brown*/
      .tab {
      background-color: rgb(33,17,0);

      /* colour selected tabs light medium brown, and make their border yellow along the bottom to blend in with the background */
      .tabselected {
      background-color: rgb(89,77,64);
      border-bottom-color: rgb(255,255,204);

      /* style the dropdown menus */
      .dmenu {
      display: none; /* REQUIRED dont display them to begin with */
      position: absolute; /* REQUIRED enables javascript to position them below the right tab */
      z-index: 100; /* REQUIRED makes sure they appear on top of other content on the page */

      margin: 24px 0 0 0; /* display them 24px below the top of the tabs. this is a kind of average value for the height of the tabs, which seems to vary slightly between browsers */

      padding: 1px 1px 1px 0; /* put minimal space around the contents */
      background-color: rgb(89,77,64); /* colour the background light medium brown*/

      border: 0px solid rgb(255,255,204); /* add a yellow border or not with 0px */

      /* minimal round all the corners except the top left */
      -moz-border-radius: 5px;
      -moz-border-radius-topleft: 0;
      -khtml-border-radius: 5px;
      -khtml-border-radius-top-left: 0;
      -webkit-border-radius: 5px;
      -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 0;

      text-align: left; /* just in case */

    24. Dave says:

      Sorry to those who have been waiting a while for a response. I think I’ve replied to everyone, but let me know if I’ve missed you.

      @ Bob
      The vertical dropdown is just a matter of getting the right css to select the list items, try something along the lines of .dmenu li { display: list-item;}
      The subpages drop down only appearing when the parent page is the current page problem, appears to be a little more complicated. What other plugins are you using? Try deactivating all your other plugins, if that makes a difference try to isolate which one particularly and let me know either way please :-)

      @ Walt
      I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but I think this probaly cannot be done at present. If you give me some more details I’ll consider it for inclusion in future releases though

      @ Stan
      In what way is Russian cauing problems? Do you mean using non-english characters in post names?

      @ Matt & Adam
      Delete the space between the “<” and the “?” and see if that works. Sorry, you’ve copied the code directly from this page so it’s not your fault, I’ll try and get it fixed asap

      @ Jakob Helmer
      I’m glad you figured it out, but that bug was meant to be fixed in 1.2.1! I’ll have to take another look at it when I get chance ;-)

      @ Joy
      Try setting your home tab to blog page instead of home page and see if that makes a difference

    25. joy says:

      Thanks Dave! I changed it to “other” and put in my home url and it works now :)

    26. Bob says:

      Duh! SPS Suite caused the dropdown conflict. It’s got menubar capability but I never could get it to work. I was using it for the pages widget dropdown. Don’t need the pages widget now that I kindof have dTabs working. Kindof because I still haven’t figured out how to fix the dropdown horizontal orientation instead of vertical. I tried one or both of the following with no success. Any help at texaun.com would be appreciated.

      .dmenu ul li {
      list-style-type: square;
      .dmenu li {
      display: list-item;

    27. Dave says:

      @ Bob, I’ve had a look using Firefox’s DOM inspector and found the problem. In chronicles/style.css you set #menu ul li {float:left;} since the .dmenu list items are also in #menu, they inherit float: left;. So the solution is to either change that property in chronicles/style.css, or alternatively you can add .dmenu ul li {display: list-item !important; float: none !important; } to your dTabs css (I’ve tested this already).

      Hope that helps. Nice theme by the way :-)

      @ Joy, I’m glad you solved your problem, but it does grate on me that you had to resort to using the “other” tab type, “blog page” or “front page” should actually work so I’ll be looking into that problem.

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    29. Bob says:


      .dmenu ul li {display: list-item !important; float: none !important; } works perfectly!

      Unless it might have other unintended consequences, maybe a good addition to the default dTab css?

      Guess I need to hit that donate button…with pleasure. Thanks again!

    30. Joy says:

      Thanks Dave!

      One more thing though, i just upgraded dtabs to the latest version and now some of the tabs don’t change colour. i can’t seem to see a pattern.

    31. Joy says:

      I’ve reverted to the older version and it’s working again. i think it could be a problem with my theme and css. do you by any chance have css done previously for http://themes.wordpress.net/?s=regulus. the css is driving me crazy :p

    32. Dave says:

      @ Joy, sorry I don’t have any css for that theme, but it’s not a problem with your theme or CSS, it was a bug relating to the problem with non-word characters. Update to 1.2.2 and it should be fixed.

      When you are happy with them, you could submit your changes to the themes author to help people in the future ;-)

    33. anonfx says:

      I’m REALLY liking this plugin, but I’ve run into a problem when a parent tab lists the drop down. It would be best explained by just visiting the site:

      This site isn’t live yet, so thing might look broken, but take a look at the “About Cornerstone” tab. When you hover, the drop down appears way off to the right and it wraps too short.

      Is it the theme? I hope I can get this to work. It looks very promising and is exactly what I’m looking for.

      P.S. I posted this same issue at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/173253?replies=1
      but I later thought it would be best posted here.

    34. anonfx says:

      (Follow-up to previous comment)The same error occurs if I use my theme’s CSS or the plugin’s CSS.

    35. anonfx says:

      (more follow-up)
      Ok, so I think I have a workaround. I set the left margin for the drop down at -400px and the top margin increased by 10px or so. I’m not sure how well it’ll work in the long run, but seems to be ok right now. Now, I just gotta figure out how to make the drop down wider so the test doesn’t wrap strangely.

    36. Dave says:

      @ anonfx I can’t access your site, but yeah that sounds like just CSS problems. Your solution sounds fine. Sorry I can’t be any more help at present.

    37. anonfx says:

      No problem, thank for giving it a shot. I got to work a little better after I stole some CSS from the Kubricks tab theme. :-)

    38. baron says:

      hi. Thanks for plugin


      best regards


    39. Haskell says:

      I had some problems placing the snippet of code in the wrong spot in my header.php which pretty much crashed my blog. Luckily admin still works and I saved my original header.php but after restoring everything my blog still shows only code etc?

      I had activated the css and so maybe thats troubling me somewhere. I deleted the plugin only then to find out there is a proper un install method so I added the plugin and then properly uninstalled it. Still now luck…any thoughts?


    40. Haskell says:

      Nevermind, sorry…it seemed to have fixed itself. I might play with this plugin again soon when I know more about it. thanks for your efforts.

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    42. Milorad says:

      I’ve just begun checking out your plugin, and it looks really flexible, but there’s just one issue.

      The automatically detected permalink for category links isn’t exactly what it should be. For the most part site.com/category/catname is perfectly fine, but when your permalink structure is set to:


      then the prefix of ‘category’ can be bypassed, so the legitimate category permalink becomes site.com/catname.

      I’d love to use your plugin to generate menus, but I really want to keep using my permalink structure. Is there a change I can make? or will you consider an update to fix this?

      Thanks a lot for contributing to the wordpress community. Plugin authors are wordpress angels.

    43. Milorad says:

      Please disregard my previous comment – I’ve just installed a plugin to remove the category base, and this also updates the link used by dtabs as well.

      Outstanding – thank you very much.

    44. Silvio says:

      Great plugin, only one error…

      The right code snippet is:

      Your snippet contain a space between “<” and “?php” in the first row. that cause dtabs don’t start, but only show the code in the page. Please correct this in the “Adding dTabs to your theme” section.

      Thanks a lot for this userful plugin!


    45. Robert says:


      I am currently using the Kubricks Tabs theme together with the dTabs plugin and am having an issue where the menu bar occasionally will display on two or three lines. I have not made any changes to any style sheets. Have been searching for a while now for a solution anf would appreciate some help.



    46. Dave says:

      This bug has been around for a while. As far as I can tell it’s actually a browser bug related to CSS and page loading times. I can’t reproduce it on my test blog or even with a local copy of the html for your blog which suggests it’s to do with the time taken for your installation of WordPress to output the page and your server to send the output to the browser.

      In the past I’ve suggested preloading any images in your tabs, but I’m not sure that helps to be honest. The html produced by dTabs and the CSS in Kubrick Tabs is Kosher. I’ve not yet been able to come up with anything that eliminates the problem so all I can suggest is having a play with the CSS yourself to try and find a work around.

      I’m sorry I can’t be any more help at present. I’ll keep trying though ;-)

    47. Dave says:

      Thanks, fixed!

    48. Robert says:

      Hi Dave,

      Appreciate the prompt response and your feedback.
      If I “stumble” across anything I’ll certainly post it to the forum.
      I’m not in a position (at this stage) to start modifying CSS as I do not have these skills.



    49. Mitchell says:

      Thank you for this great plugin.
      I’m using this plugin with WP 2.5.1 and the Mandigo/Royale theme.
      I like the flexibility around the management of what can be added to the navigation.
      I did find two issues:
      1. By default, menus showed as a horizontal tabs (I found out how the CSS style by reading these topic messages).
      2. The menu appeared about 150px from the main menu. I had to hack the plugin code (sorry) to appear closer to the parent tab.

      Keep up the good work!

    50. Michael says:

      Love the plugin. It’s awesome and was very adaptable.

      Sorry for the silly question. I test on one machine and then move stuff up to another. I’ve moved everything up, including my wordpress db and my tabs are not showing up.

      Where is the db that contains the tab information?


    51. Dave says:

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      The information for dTabs is stored as options (in the wp_options table) so it would definitely have been included in your backup.

      It’s simple stuff but have you checked that the dTabs plugin is activated and that you’re using a pre-enabled theme or you’ve called dtab_list_tabs() somewhere in your theme?

    52. tin-flute says:

      hello, i installed this plugin and it’s not working.
      i pasted the php code in the head, and checked automatically
      generate CSS. when i add tabs, they show up as bullet points
      above the h1 title; there are no tabs being generated.
      any suggestions?

    53. Michael says:


      Thanks for the quick reply.

      Yup, I’ve got the dtab_list_tabs() call right in the header. It’s just showing up blank. I deactivated and reactivated several times and still it’s not showing up. I’ve checked now in both dbs to make sure the wp_options stuff looks good. Still no go. I’m going to futz around a bit more see if I can figure out why. Most likely it’s something idiotic that I’ve done somewhere.

    54. Dave says:

      If you can access the options directly (like in phpMyAdmin) then try copying the contents of the dtabs option over manually, I seem to remember backing up can have problems with arrays stored as options.

      If all else fails then you could just set them up again I guess :-(

      Hope that helps

    55. Michael says:


      That did the trick. Quick question, I copied all three rows but it looks like the only row that didn’t copy in the initial upload was dtabs. The other two dtabs_info and dtabs_option seemed to be the same. Is this your experience or did I just not see the differences when I copied the other two as well (did this question make sense)?

    56. Timo says:

      Hello Dave,
      I run into the same problem as Robert.
      Is there a solution ight now for that problem?

    57. Timo says:

      I want my old tab-design on my webpage, but I don’t know how to do that. Can someone help me?
      This is the CSS:
      avlist {
      padding: 3px 0;
      margin-left: 0;
      border-bottom: 1px solid #778;
      font: bold 12px Verdana, sans-serif;

      #navlist li {
      list-style: none;
      margin: 0;
      display: inline;

      #navlist li a {
      padding: 3px 0.5em;
      margin-left: 3px;
      border: 1px solid #778;
      border-bottom: none;
      background: #DDE;
      text-decoration: none;

      #navlist li a:link { color: #448; }
      #navlist li a:visited { color: #667; }

      #navlist li a:hover {
      color: #000;
      background: #AAE;
      border-color: #227;

      #navlist li a#current {
      background: white;
      border-bottom: 1px solid white;

      And this my HTML-code:


    58. Richard May says:

      Love the plugin! Nice Job.

      I am using FireFox 2 on Mac OSX 10.4.1 and there might be a minor issue with the fading of the tabs… for some reason it seems that the entire page fades instead of the tabs. Kind of hard to describe… Like the page text flickers as the menu tabs fade in.

      Is there a way I can temporarily turn the fade effect off… at least until there is an update?

      BTW, I really appreciated that adapting the plugin for using with xLanguage was a breeze! I just changed one line of code in two spots. Now my page is bi-lingual and uses dropdown menus :)

    59. Ian Brown says:

      Great plug-in–exactly what I was looking for. :)

      I’ve copied+pasted the necessary code and activated the plug-in and done the config. It looks great in Opera, IE, and Safari (all in Vista), but in Firefox the tabs appear in a vertical array rather than horizontally. Any thoughts?


    60. Thanks for this plugin. I does (but see my note below) exactly what I needed on one of my sites.

      However, I am seeing a problem. When I look at this site (http://www.gdanmitchell.com/) the tabs at the top of the screen look and work as expected. However, when I view the same page in the current version of the Firefox browser, instead of seeing tabs lined up next to one another across the top of the screen, each tab ends up on its own horizontal line, with one stacked above the other.



    61. Ian Brown says:

      I just solved my menu-isn’t-horizontal-in-Firefox problem. (Dan, I think this is all you need, too.)

      I’m not any sort of CSS guru, so my googling of “display inline firefox” turned up lots of stuff that’s way over my head, but basically Firefox 2 doesn’t support the CSS tag display:inline-block. What they do have is a number of -moz-* modifiers that are FF only. (Firefox 3 apparently recognizes this inline-block.)

      What I did was add one line to the default CSS code, as below:

      /* Default CSS generated by dTabs */

      /* make the list horizontal */
      #tabbar li, #tabbar ul li, {
      display: inline;
      #tabbar a, .tab, .tabselected {
      display: -moz-inline-box; /* this is for Firefox only */
      display: inline-block;

      Firefox codes with the -moz-inline-box tag, every other browser ignores it and goes to inline-block, so now it all works perfectly.

    62. Dave says:

      Thanks Ian, I’ve been using Firefox 3 now for so long I forget it isn’t the current version. I’ll add your suggestion to the next release :-)

    63. Ian, thanks so much – that fixed my “Firefox problem” immediately.


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    65. Jess says:

      Hello Dave and great plugin. I am having the same fading issue as Richard. I’m in Firefox 2 (v on a mac running Tiger 10.4.11 and when I mouseover any tab, the text for the tab fades in with the submenu rather than just the submenu fading in. Is there a way to turn the fade off or do you have an idea of what may be causing it? This issue does not happen in Safari on my Mac or in IE or FF on our PC if that makes any difference.

      I went to Richard’s site and he seems to have fixed the issue but his code is heavily modified from your version so I was hoping to apply a fix to your code.

      Thanks very much for your time and effort on this great plugin!

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    67. Zuhaib says:

      I have installed this plugin in my site and it works .. but I have one problem I want my tabs to appear like this

      Home | Contact | Gallery

      I edited my theme and modified dtab_list_tabs() to dtab_list_tabs(‘before=”"&after=”|”&outputjs=0′) and still I get menu like this

      Home Contact Gallery

      I tried changing the params also tried specifying only the after=”" in the params and it displays after=”" before my menu

      Home after=”"Contact….

      Please help me fix this issue

    68. roadhog says:

      Where’s the CSS that controls the drop-down menus?
      I’d like to remove the bullets. I think I’ve tried everything…

    69. Beata says:

      I am beginner with WordPress (worked with Joomla).

      I am trying to find and install some dropdown menu, Installed dtabs and later found kubric tabs

      I don’t like dtabs because I want horizontal menu
      I put kubric tabs file in plugin directory but they don’t appear in my dashboard plugins directory.

      Do they work with other templates or only with Kubrik template?

    70. Beata says:

      I don’t know how to get submenu
      dtabs don’t give a posibility – how to do?

      when I put tab and choose from category, than I get submenu “no categories”

      Please help me

    71. Daniel says:

      Okay, so I got dTabs to work! Yay!

      (I had to use pages and parent pages to get the dropdown to work… but it does work!)

      When the menu fades in and out, the whole page flickers.

      What can I change to shorten or remove the fades altogether?

      Thanks for a great plugin. I’ve been looking for WP menu options for weeks, and this one is the best.

      Thank you!

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    74. Dave says:

      I’ve tested your arguments for dtab_list_tabs and they work as expected except you shouldn’t quote strings (this is WordPress’ policy not mine, related to wp_parse_args), they output I got was:

      “”Home”|” “”Contact”|” “”Gallery”|”

      and with no javascript so dropdown menus not working. For your desired effect you only need to specify “after=|”, make sure you are using dtabs_list_tabs rather than the depreciated dtab_echo_dtabs.

      Let me know if you’re still having problems

    75. Dave says:

      Try placing .dmenu ul {list-style: none;} in your theme’s css file, or if you’re using automatic CSS generation you could place it in the CSS Styling box.

      Hope that helps :-)

    76. Dave says:

      You need to make some subcategories for that tab’s category.

      Hope that helps

    77. Dave says:

      For now you could copy the javascript output by dTabs and make changes yourself to miss out the fading and then specify “outputjs=0″ in the argument for dtab_list_tabs, but I’ll add an option to switch off the fading in the next version …watch this space.

      I’d be interested in seeing this behaviour since I’ve had a couple of reports of this but I can’t reproduce it. What’s the address of the site you were having this problem with, and with which browser?

      Thanks for your help

    78. Daniel says:

      Thank you for your response.

      I’ve since learned that it looks great on the PC… the text just flickers on the Mac side (IE and Firefox). The fades run much slower on the mac too, so it just looks like it’s more taxing for some reason.

      I’m going to see if I can play with your suggested settings though, to reduce it.

      You can see it in action at:

    79. Dave says:

      What version of Firefox are you using? Do you get many visitors using IE:mac? I didn’t realise there was still demand for it’s support

    80. Daniel says:

      No, IE for mac is pretty slim.

      I’m using FireFox 2 something or another. I’ve not checked it in FF3 (mac) yet.

      If that looks good, then maybe I won’t worry about it at all. FF3 adoption is looking pretty good.

      When I first started this comment, I’d wrongfully assumed that it was all browsers on all platforms.

      Thank you!


    81. Zuhaib says:

      Thank you for replying ..

      yes you are correct .. that was the problem .. but I still get my menu as Home | Gallery | Contact | .. well that is good .. but can I eliminate the last | .. after Contact??

    82. Beata says:

      Thank you Dave for answer. I only concerned that I can’t get what I need. To work dtabs menu properly, I ALREADY REALISEd that I need to do structure.

      It is strange but I get right file by clicking second submenu but not the first

      Look at my pages please:

      If you click Sakos you need to get file this

      First submenu is Antanas and I don’t get it


      But I get next 2 submenu correctly Aleksandras and Teofile

      I am searching and searching what isn’t correct. I need to get right pages, but automatically I get last added file and I don’t like it.

      Not sure that you understood what i want……

    83. Dave says:

      Watch out for the next version – within a few days hopefully ;-)

    84. Dave says:

      I’m sorry I am having trouble understanding the problem.

      Is it that clicking on Sakos appears to load the same page as clicking on Antanas? …and the page that is loaded is Antanas?

      If that is the case then the problem is that both Sakos and Antanas contain the same things so both display the same, but if you check the url and the title both categories are being displayed correctly.

      Hope that helps, sorry if I’ve misunderstood :-?

    85. Beata says:

      The problem is i think, that WordPress show the last added post but not what i click in menu.
      When I click sakos (it means branches of genscheme) I get last added post Aleksandras and only beneath it Sakos>
      When I didn’t have post Aleksandras, the last was Sakos and it appeared corectly by clicking on Sakos

      Now when I click Antanas, I get again Aleksandras and beneath it Teofile, added before Aleksandras

      here are my categorizing:

      What I do worng, can’t understand

    86. Beata says:

      I have just now coped with dtag Istorija and everything work correctly.
      I don’t know why don’t work Sakos.

    87. Beata says:

      Maybe I need to publish all files (posts) at first and only later to arrange dtabs menu and categories, like I did with History posts ?

    88. Zuhaib says:

      thankx .. I will waiting for the update

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    94. Matt says:

      Hi, I just upgraded to 1.3 and in IE my dropdown lists are now just a single, continuous, horizontal line. They are no longer a vertical list.

      They’ve gone from this:

      To this:
      One Two Three Four

      Here’s my dropdown CSS:
      /* style the dropdown menus */
      .dmenu {
      left: -999em; /* REQUIRED dont display them to begin with */
      position: absolute; /* REQUIRED enables javascript to position them below the right tab */
      z-index: 100; /* REQUIRED makes sure they appear on top of other content on the page */

      margin: 21px 0 0 0; /* display them 21px below the top of the tabs. this is a kind of average value for the height of the tabs, which seems to vary slightly between browsers */

      padding: 3px 20px 3px 0; /* put some space around the contents */
      background-color: rgb(240,240,240); /* colour the background grey */

      border: 1px solid rgb(150,150,150); /* add a border */

      /* round all the corners except the top left */
      -moz-border-radius: 5px;
      -moz-border-radius-topleft: 0;
      -khtml-border-radius: 5px;
      -khtml-border-radius-top-left: 0;
      -webkit-border-radius: 5px;
      -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 0;

      text-align: left; /* just in case */

    95. Zuhaib says:

      Thank you for the update .. that helped

    96. Dave says:

      Just add .dmenu ul li { display: list-item; } somewhere in your css and that should fix it. Let me know if it doesn’t, thanks ;-)

    97. Dave says:

      …alternatively you could try using the new default css

    98. Matt says:

      Thanks Dave, that fixed it.

    99. daniel says:

      Any suggestions for would I do to style the menu horizontally?

      You’ve got directions for vertical menus… my template is already *mostly* functioning horizontally, though it is only working perfectly in FF.


      Thanks again!

    100. Dave says:

      Yeah the problem was in IE6 right? It seems to work ok in Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari, and even IE7. The problem seems to be due to IE6′s incomplete support for display:inline-block. Since IE6 has been replaced by IE7, the obvious and ideal solution is for everyone using IE6 to upgrade.

      Getting a cross browser (including IE6) horizontal drop down menu of list-items to work is actually pretty difficult, it seems you need to avoid all use of inline-block, or IE6 will throw a wobbly (even if you redeclare it to be something else for specifically for IE6). However it’s not impossible – if you switch off auto css generation on your Manage > Tabs admin panel, and then replace:

      #menu {
      color: #ffffff;
      font-size: 14px;
      font-weight: bold;
      text-transform: uppercase;

      #menu ul {
      margin: 0;
      padding: 0;
      list-style: none;

      #menu li {
      margin: 0;
      padding: 0;
      float: left;

      #menu li a {
      height: 10px;
      padding: 20px 15px 10px 15px;
      display: block;
      float: left;
      color: #fff;
      line-height: 0px;
      text-decoration: none;
      border-width: 0 0 0 0;
      border-style: solid;
      border-color: #783a17;

      #menu li a:hover {
      color: #491807;
      background: #ffba52;

      /* .dmenu ul li { display: list-item; } */

      in http://steamcrow.com/comic/wp-content/themes/comicpress-3c/style.css with:

      #menubar {
      height: 20px;
      padding: 8px 0 6px 4px; /* fill up gaps */

      #menu {
      color: #ffffff;
      font-size: 14px;
      font-weight: bold;
      text-transform: uppercase;

      #tabbar li {
      display: inline; /* make the list horizontal */
      margin: -4px 0 0 -4px; /* close random spaces */
      padding: 0;
      .tab a {
      background-color: #ca873b;
      .tabselected a {
      background-color: #b46523;
      #tabbar li a {
      color: #ffffff;
      text-decoration: none;
      padding: 10px 15px;
      #tabbar li .dmenu li a {
      color: #ffffff;
      text-decoration: none;
      padding: 10px 15px;
      margin: 0 0 0 -4px; /* close random spaces */
      background-color: #b46523;
      #tabbar li a:hover, #tabbar li .dmenu li a:hover {
      color: #491807;
      background-color: #ffba52;
      /* style the dropdown menus */
      .dmenu {
      position: absolute; left: -999em; /* REQUIRED dont display them to begin with */
      margin: 26px 0 0 8px; /* position correctly */
      padding: 10px 0; /* fill up gaps */
      background-color: transparent;
      text-align: left; /* just in case */
      #tabbar, #tabbar ul {
      margin: 0;
      padding: 0;

      /* Fixes for IE */
      .dmenu, {
      margin-top: 36px; /* position correctly */

      Then the menu looks pretty perfect in IE6, IE7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3 and Safari (you just need to make some adjustments to the search box in the top right hand corner)

      Hope that helps

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    104. Daniel says:

      Hey Dave, that helps an awful lot!

      I followed your directions, and it appears to be working much better in my outdated mac browsers. Tomorrow, I’ll look from work.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to do all this for me. Thank you and +700 experience to you.

      BTW, I really like how one administers the dTabs in the admin. It’s a very flexible and usable system. It’s awesome how one associates tabs to pages/posts/whatever.

      - Daniel

    105. Rev. Voodoo says:

      Hey hey, I really love this plugin. I’m using it on several websites I work on. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I’m trying to get my tabs nice and large, which I did by messing with padding and inserting this code…

      font-size: 160%;
      width: 60em;
      margin: 0 auto;

      which got my text nice and large. However that also increases the size of the text in the dropdown, which I would like to remain small. To say I am a novice at CSS would be an understatement.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction for code that would make the text in the actual tabs large, but the text in the dropdown menu to remain default (100%)?

    106. ovidiu says:

      hello, I am trying to implement this menu on this testsite: http://vmz-eva.de
      I am still struggling with the css, so if anyone is willing to have a look and help me improve the look, please do so.

      Furthermore I noticed that the pages with the menu are not xhtml compliant. THere are lots of complaints about the used javascript. you can check it out here: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fvmz-eva.de%2Faccommodation%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&ss=1&outline=1&group=0&verbose=1

    107. Asfahaan says:


      Best navigation plugin I would have to say. I tried looking everywhere to implement a drop down menu in tabbed style, and I found features in this plugin :) Thanks!!!

      However, I am in need of some help with my CSS. Here is the test site: http://masjid.tasmanit.com/

      I managed to get the colour combination sort of right. But I am struggling with the alignement and the shape of the tabs.

      The ie7 seems to always display the tabs little lower than firefox3. I tried changing the padding-top: px to 20 it moves the tabs down in firefox3 but however in ie7 they fall below the div id= navigation. the navigation id contains both header image and blog title and slogan and tabbed menu.

      width: 950px;
      margin-left: auto;
      margin-right: auto;
      float: right;
      padding-top: 15px;

      Can you please help me align them both equally? I want to align them so they sit just above the green line on the header image. It doesnt need to be exact but at least want them to be consistent slightly. Now they are all over the place.

      Moreover, do you know why i am not getting the rounded tabbed corners in my ie7 browser? :(

      Please help!!!!

    108. Aaron says:


      Great plug-in! I was wondering if there was a way to include/exclude pages like the wp_list_pages function? I have two micro-sites within one wordpress setup. Each have different menu items. Thanks for any help you might offer.


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    111. Roman says:

      With the latest update (1.3) the tabs still sometimes appear on multiple rows or lines in both Firefox 2 and 3. Will another update be released soon? I love this plugin!

    112. Mike says:

      Thanks for the great plugin! I was able to get the tabs installed and mostly working in only a few hours compared to other methods which took me two plus days. The only issue I’m having now is with IE6. The menus look great in FireFox and Safari, but in IE6 the menus are not wide enough to accommodate the text. I read another comment about IE6 limited support for some functions, but not sure it applies since I’m using the vertical menus on the site. Any suggestions?

    113. Mike says:

      I also forgot to mention that I’m using the Auto CSS layered menu layout. The website referenced in the post is the site I’m having issues with.

    114. Alex says:


      is this right:

      <li align="right" class="">
      <a href="/" title=" home page">

      <?php wp_list_pages('depth=1&title_li='); ?


    115. Christian Magnerfelt says:

      In 1.3 the dtabs seems to make the .tab ignore the line-height value, pushing the text to the top.

      .navigation {
      background: url(img/nav.png);
      width: 902px;
      height: 31px;
      text-align: left;
      line-height: 31px;

      /* dTabs */
      #tabbar ul {
      list-style: none;
      #tabbar li {
      height: 31px;

      /* make the list horizontal */
      #tabbar li, #tabbar ul li {
      display: inline-block;
      float: left;
      .tab, .tabselected {
      display: inline;
      margin: 0 5px;
      padding: 0 15px;
      .tab:hover, .tabselected:hover {
      background: url(img/nav2.png);
      .tab a, .tabselected a {
      color: #ffffff;
      font: normal 0.8em Verdana,sans-serif;
      text-decoration: none;
      .tab a:visited, .tabselected a:visited {
      color: #ffffff;
      text-decoration: none;
      .tab a:hover, .tabselected a:hover {
      color: #ffffff;
      text-decoration: none;

      /* style the dropdown menus */
      .dmenu {
      text-align: left;/* left align the text */
      position: absolute; /* REQUIRED enables javascript to position them below the right tab */

      margin: 31px 0 0 0; /* display them 31px below the top of the tabs. this is a kind of average value for the height of the tabs, which seems to vary slightly between browsers */
      padding: 5px 15px; /* put some space around the contents */
      background-color: rgb(240,240,240); /* colour the background grey */

      /* round all the corners except the top left */
      border: 1px solid rgb(150,150,150);
      -moz-border-radius: 5px;
      -moz-border-radius-topleft: 0;
      -khtml-border-radius: 5px;
      -khtml-border-radius-top-left: 0;
      -webkit-border-radius: 5px;
      -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 0;
      .dmenu a {
      .dmenu a:hover {
      .dmenu ul {
      /* put space at the top and bottom of top-level menus */
      padding: 5px 0 0 10px;
      /* stop ie going crazy */
      margin: 0;
      .dmenu ul li {
      /* stop ie from displaying list items inline */
      display: list-item;

      /* REQUIRED: hide menus off screen by default */
      .dmenu {
      left: -999em;

      #tabbar .fademenu .dmenu {
      margin: 5px 0 0 -6px;/* position menus correctly */

      /* REQUIRED: show menus on hovering */
      #tabbar .fademenu:hover .dmenu {
      left: auto;

    116. Christian Magnerfelt says:

      Seems like the the position of .dtabs is changed to within the .tab list? any particular reason for this?

    117. TunaSafeDolphin says:

      Can dTabs be used in conjunction with such wordpress functions as “recent posts”, “list posts”, etc?

    118. Insky says:

      Hi, very great plugin.

      I’am trying using it on my local wordpress installation. dTabs is working, and I’am looking for some customization. I just copy/paste the content we can find in “Automatic CSS generation”, to use it like the default style.

      I have 2 Tabs which are


      The 2nd (“Abonnement”) is the page where you can find my rss feed. So I wanted to add an rss feed icon just before the “Abonnement” title.

      So I used its id (“sabonner_tab”) with this css :

      #sabonner_tab {

      The rss icon is 32×32.

      But the icon is cut, and it’s not appearing completely (there is only about 18px appearing).

      Can someone help me to be able to add different icon for each of my tabs, without any display problem??

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    120. Chad says:

      I must be brain dead. I’ve installed the plugin. Used the auto-generated css. Created 4 tabs from current WP pages. Top nav works great, however I get no sub pages that I have listed as subs in WP. Is there something I”m missing that I need to do to get subpages to show up other than choose the parent page when I create a page?

      You can see the current dTab menu listed on my site. http://sirenskate.com and the MEDIA (page) tab is the one that has sub-pages under it but don’t seem to populate automatically as sub-page menu’s.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    121. Thanks for this great plugins. I have just applied it to my blog. But how to make tabs for category in form of drop down menu?

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    123. mheck says:

      I have the same problem as some of the others. I have the plugin in installed, the tabs show up, but the drop menu does not appear with the sub-menu links. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

      I have the test site here.
      Thank you.

    124. mheck says:

      Now the menus are there, they are just horisontal instead of vertical, and wa off in alignment. Please help me.

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    127. shaun says:

      No Sub-Pages appearing in menus? Have any hint?

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    130. Josh Huber says:


      great plugin.
      it works fine – except my subcategory-links are listed beside each other in a row and not vertically.
      how do I repair that?
      please help

    131. Ian Brown says:

      There must be a simple way to adjust the left-side indent before the menu, but I can’t find it in the standard CSS. Can you point me in the right direction?


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    133. Dave says:

      Sorry, not at the moment

    134. Dave says:

      Sorry for the slow reply, glad to see you got it working! Perhaps you could post what you were doing wrong?


    135. phil says:

      Hi, ive been struggling with this all weekend and feel its time to leave a message. I had a menu of my cats up and running without a plugin but hit alittle snag in ie 6. So I stumbled across this, and of course it is much simpler to set up and control the output this way so I want to intergrate, but I cant seem to get it working properly, been close, but IE is letting me down. My real problem is not understanding how to control the menu properly with css.

      It seems the hide menu (dmenu)is the issue, it is inheriting its position from somewhere, the javascript? If i strip the code bare the menu is still trying to deal with the javascript set up and is showing dmenu on hover. Ok thats fine, we can control the menus position in the css, but not effectively, heres my problem.

      The dmenu shows on hover relative to the browser window, and i cant seem to get this to be relative to a menu container or parent div item. Why is it showing relative to the browser?

    136. phil says:

      I guess what I need, in short; Is a basic working copy to build from. Where the dmenu\’s are positioned relative to their parents, or ideally a container (for a horizontal by horizontal menu). maybe as simple as, put the menu in a div 900px wide with position absolute set and then make the demu position itself relative to that (not the broswer edge). Cant get it to work though on such a basic level, this javascript code, or menu jumping is killing me.

      Not to mention i need this working IE 6 etc in all.

    137. eivind says:

      Hi there.
      I am VERY frustrated regarding the dtab plugin. I understandit is ME who haven’t have a single clue. I am such an amateur to WordPress (started a week ago) that I simply can’t figure out how to set up the tabs.
      To ask y’all VERY simple:
      I created a tab called “About” in dtab and it showed up beside the “Home” on my frontpage. When I register other tabs they appear in-line with the “About”-tab. Now, can someone explain to me how I register the tabs (in dtab) so that when hovering “About” I will get the other tabs as a drop-down menu, like the Tab “Downloads” on this website? Where did I go wrong reading the instructions?
      Hooh, I think I need a cup of tea after sitting in 2 hrs. trying to figure out the implementation of dtab. I feel like an idiot.

    138. Dave says:

      If your tab points to a page it must have subpages, or if your tab points to a category then it mus have subcateogries. Then in order for menus appear tick “show menu on hover” when editing that tab.

      Hope this helps :-)

    139. eivind says:

      Nope, didn’t. I have created subpages as well as subcategories. Still doesn’t work. Ok. here\’s how I do it:
      I have an About-page pluss 3 subpages. You can see them as independent items on the frontpage on http://www.trana.as, my website.
      I open the Tabs in Design. Create a tab I call About, set Tab Type=Page, Tab Name=about (I picked from the fields drop-down list), Label=About, tick the ‘show menu on hover’. Click Update Tab. It shows up on the front page. So far so good.
      Then I create a new tab. Type=Page, Tab Name=belle-the-pug, picked from the list, Label:Belle-the-Pug… my dog :-), put in a description and click Update Tab.
      When I go back to the frontpage the new tab (Belle-the-pug) is put beside the About tab, not as a drop-down menu UNDER About.
      I hope I have explained this in an understandable manner. I realize that there is something I have done wrong, or maybe I haven’t understood the installation manual? I simply wanna have a horisontal drop-down menu, but can’t find out how to do it!

    140. eivind says:

      I solved it! I used a predefined #menu in my style.css. Apparently it wasn’t as good as I thought.
      When I put in teh right place in the header.php it all worked well!
      Reminds me about the story of Monte Christo. He could leave his prison cell if he found the secret exit. He found a small hole in the wall- ended in a ditch with crocodiles, the window could be removed – ended in a 300 meter fall in to the beach/ocean. He gave up. It never occured to him that the cell door was unlocked! :-)
      Sometimes a problem is so easy that it’s almost impossible to solve it.
      Thank, anyway, for your participation.

    141. eivind says:

      Hi again, Dave. I’m the guy that somewhat go lost in your dtab. Now it’s working well. Happy with dtab, I’ll tell you. :-)
      Wouldn’t it be a thing in ‘Usage’ to tell how it works, outside the code, I mean? I discovered that I ONLY had to put the page About in the tabs. All the sub pages under About was automatically included in the menu. Apparently that should’ve been obviously, but not for an amateur like me. Coz I thought I had to kinda create a lot of tabs to be like ‘copies’ of the pages, but actually not.
      I guess you web programmers don’t care telling such elementary things. But we others, we ordinary amateur users, we surely need it put in with small spoons. :-)
      Anyway. I got it now. Splendid thing your dtab, man! Appecriate. Will sponse when I can, even though I am not rich exactly. :-\ :-)

    142. Hey! You’ve done a great job with this plugin. I found some gotchas in your code. Not bugs per say, but the code breaks when the menu or site ‘container’ is styled to ‘position:absolute’.

      I never like to approach folks with problems until I’ve at least tried to fix them myself, so I’ve included my hacks below. I realize that a real solution should be more elegant.

      1. vertical offset
      (line 1208). Commented out offset to avoid submenu from being displayed too low. (A menu at top:100px would have a submenu at the equivalent of top:200px.)

      2. horizontal offset
      (line 1207) Hacked to curleft += obj.offsetLeft – 20; to suit my needs. The line should really be ammended to grab the actual position of the parent. I use JQuery to figure this stuff out, but I didn’t want to muck too much with your code.
      (line 1300) Changed to e.style.display= “none”; Do you really need to through objects left -999?

      One last thing… It may be because of the previously mentioned issues, but the submenus don’t appear at all in IE 6 or 7 (even before I dorked with your code.

      Thanks. I hope my message is more useful than annoying. ;)

    143. Dave says:

      Thanks for letting me know your thoughts and ideas.

      dTabs currently uses the Quirksmode’s Find Position to find the position of tabs, which I have found to be accurate on modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, Firefox 3, Opera 9.6, and Chrome (I’ve made the decision not to support older browsers).

      You mentioned submenus – dTabs was never made to display multilayerd menus, just a single menu containing a list of items. However a multilayered menu can be achieved using css if desired (a la Son of Suckerfish), but this is currently unsupported.

      (I know this is pretty hypocritical given that I chose not to support old browsers… but…) I’m told using left:-999em is more “accessible” to browsers that don’t fully support javascript and css (ie some browsers may interpret display:none to mean that the menu does not exist). So basically I’m just trying to help dTabs degrade gracefully. If you know better then please educate me ;-) as I don’t claim to be an expert on the matter.

      With regards to your menu’s not appearing on IE, as I’ve already said, the javascript definitely does work in IE, and since you said you were having problems before you made your changes to the javascript, I can only presume the problem is with your css. I could look into it for you, but I am no longer able to offer that service for free (and you sound more than capable yourself anyhow).

      I’m glad you managed to tweak dTabs for use on your website and I’m really grateful that you took the time to let me know about the changes you made. I hope your code will prove useful to others, and if I get more reports of the same problems I will endeavour to produce that elegant solution ;-)

    144. Dave says:

      I’m glad that you figured it out! I try my best to keep explainations to a minimum and make the user interface a obvious and easy to use as possible. To this end I would be grateful if you could perhaps suggest a way of making it more obvious that a tab need not be created for each item in a drop down menu.

      Thanks in advance

    145. Dave says:

      Sorry for the slow reply. Did you find a solution to your problem? I’ve had other reports of problems when a parent container is set to position:absolute, so I’m sure any tips you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    146. Thanks for responding. When I said ‘submenu’ I was speaking of a single dropdown menu… which is exactly as your plugin performs. No changes needed or requested. It is just that the dropdown location is incorrectly calculated (line 1207). I am (fairly) certain that it is due to my use of ‘position:absolute’ and my horizontally/vertically centered site.

      As an aside, my fix for the horizontal fix is flawed and doesn’t work well for sites that auto-center themselves.

    147. phil says:

      Hi Dave, no probs, appreciate the reply. I never did find a suitable solution, started playing with the javascript, wasted away a weekend and then gave up.

      However Richard Friendlich seemed to have much the same issue as me.

      “2. horizontal offset
      (line 1207) Hacked to curleft += obj.offsetLeft – 20; to suit my needs. The line should really be ammended to grab the actual position of the parent”

      This seems like its exactly what I need. I dont want the submenus to be positioned relative to the page (or first absolute container). I like the control of this plugin and will probably have another go at it. Seemed fruitless though with my last efforts.

    148. Rich says:

      Hi again,
      I’ve been able to revert dtabs to a semi-pre-1.3 state (no more -999 effect). This has provided functionality to safari and firefox, but I still can’t lick IE. Could you please email me 1.2.2?

      BTW. I have heard of the offscreen hide (aka -999), but have never found evidence to support its effectiveness… but then again, I’m far from a guru.


    149. theMesh says:

      Hello! Your plugin looks great. Just one question, is there any way to make it work with the qTranslate multilanguage plugin? It would be very cool to have multilanguage tabs. Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

    150. AzzX says:

      Great Plugin!

      Cheers for the hard work.

    151. Dave says:

      recent old versions are available at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dtabs/download/

      hope this helps

    152. Josh Malone says:

      In the Internet Explorer used with Windows XP, the 2nd and third words of the titles of the subpages in the dropdown menus are on a different lines on top of one another. In all other browsers the words in the title all appear on a single line. How can the code be changed to have the titles appear in this common IE to look like the other browsers.

      Also can the entire tab menu be centered or aligned to the left.



    153. If you have problem with JS code (&&) in w3c validator, put


      into dtbs.php file.

    154. Tony says:


      nice oplugin, thanks! I have one suggestion: in version 1.3, on line 1490 of dtabs.php, you could wrap some of the items in ‘__(…)’, so they’re ready for multi-lingual blogs. Specifically, if you change that line to read


      (‘__(…)’ inserted in 2 places) then the plugin works great with other plugins like qtranslate.

      I know you already use __(…) on the tab name, but for those of us using qtranslate to name our pages and posts bilingually, this would help. Hope you like the suggestion!

    155. Dave says:

      No problems, will do for the next release. Thanks for your input ;-)

    156. Drey says:

      I am trying to implement dTabs, and everything works fine, except the roll-over submenu: I have one category (let’s say “Animals”) with subcategories “cats” and “dogs”, but the roll-over submenu doesn’t appear when I am in the home page or in another one of the categories archives (eg.”humans” and “plants”)… BUT it displays fine once I am in the “Animals” category page itself!
      Was I clear enough? :)

    157. Lisa B says:

      Thank you for such a great plugin! It has definitely made my life a lot easier — except for dealing with IE.

      I have fixed all the CSS issues for IE (submenus etc.) except for one. If I do not set the width for #tabber li, the tabs will stretch 100% across my navigation bar and be listed underneath each other. If I designate a width for #tabber li, the tabs are the same width regardless of the text — and the navigation flows on to two lines which I can’t have. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this or possibly links to other sites that explain this problem?

      Thanks so much! This really is a great plugin!

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    159. Tom Smith says:

      dTabs repeatedly deletes tabs, loses data and completely fucks up.

    160. One more thing though, i just upgraded dtabs to the latest version and now some of the tabs don’t change colour. i can’t seem to see a pattern.

    161. Joe Tristano says:

      I was trying to get the tabbar to move to the bottom of the header for the dtabs theme but when I do that with an absolute position and change the top position property, the drop menu moves that far down as well. I saw that the jscript is offsetting based on an absolute parent position. Is there a better way to do this?


    162. Anne says:

      This is in relation to the same issue Richard Friendlich was having. I installed dTabs on the default theme and it worked great (was delighted with it). However when I installed a different theme (deMar) I’ve come across some offset issues. For tabs that have a subpages – the dropdown opens way to the right. I can manually set the offset, but it’s different for some browsers.

      I guess my question is How can I make the offset work for every browser? Can I manually specify that the offset for IE browser should be x, for Mozilla browsers it should be y etc. Basically is there an if-else I can throw it for manually setting the offset for different browsers on line 1207

      Any help at all would be greatly appreciated – I really want to get this plugin working for me again

    163. ss says:

      Lisa, Can you offer some assistance on how you formatted the tabs for IE. I’m just starting down this path and don’t know where to being. Thanks in advance.

    164. Dave says:

      This sounds like it might be caused by your tabs display as list items (display: list-item;), try setting your tabs to display: inline-block instead and see if that helps

    165. Dave says:

      I’d be interested to hear more details on the problems you’ve been experiencing to help me track them down and prevent them persisting into future releases. At present I have not received a single other complaint about dTabs deleting tabs, losing data or any other such major problems, so the information you provide would be the only lead.

      Thanks in advance

    166. Dave says:

      Do you have a link to the site with the problem on it so I could take a look?


    167. Dave says:

      I’m open to suggestions ;-)

    168. Lisa B says:

      Here is a link to the specific IE style sheet I added. There are still some problems that I’m hoping to get help with — with submenus and submenus of submenus — I don’t know that dtabs was made to go that deep. You can look at the site in IE7 or IE8 and see the problem. It looks fine in IE6.


      Main site

      Feel free to use the style sheet as is. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can fix the subnagivation, please email me at lisa (at) myfastype (dot) com. Thanks!!

    169. Elody says:

      HI all, I wanted to tell that it’s possible to position the tabs in a centered site, using NO absolute positions in the parent div of the header, or else the dropdown menus stick to the browser window and moove depending on its width…
      I noticed that the problem happened only if the site was centered, so at first I thought about a left margin to fix the site, but as I really like a website to be centered in a large widescreen, I tried, after a day of hard testing, different things and, almost by luck, I found something quite simple in fact :

      I used margin for Internet Explorer and padding for Firefox to position #tabbar in my header, but it’s just a “quickfix” that works in my template, not sure it can be reused anywhere without editing …
      I also deleted the line 1215 (e.style.top=curtop+”px”;) that gives absolute top position.

      Here is my style.css code:
      .header ul {
      *margin: 255px 0 0 56px;
      padding: 0;
      The code in my dtabs.css :
      ul#tabbar {
      padding: 255px 0 0 56px;
      *padding: 0;

      I’ll put the URL site soon (not allowed right now, maybe end of the week), so you can see and maybe find something to fix your own problem.

      BTW Anne, use * before any code you want to be read only by IE, after the code for Forefox, example :
      margin: 5px; /* Firefox
      *margin: 5px; /*Internet Explorer

      if you need to specify a code only for IE6, it’s :
      -margin: 5px;

      Dave, thx so much for your plugin (the only one to properly works for WordPress actually !), but it would be so useful to rewrite the part of the code that defines the position of the dropdown menu, that should be relative to the parent tab and not the browser window or whatever … because it’s not really simple to position with margin and padding, hard to position the rest of the elements in the header afterwards.

      Last request, beyond my PHP skills of course :
      I’d like an option in the dTabs menu, to check whether I need the LINK on the tab or not, just below the Menu option “Show menu on hover?”.
      For example : “Enable Link ?”

      Because sometimes, your parent tab is created to group children pages or posts, so it’s left empty.
      For the moment I’ve been able to change the cursor to default in CSS, but it’s still possible to click and access the parent page … Hope it’s not too complicated ?
      I know I could just delete the $url code at line 1490, but then my tab without dropdown menu has no more link :-/

      Voilà, I think I said it all, sorry it’s been so long, hope it could help though !

    170. Malone says:

      Anyway to center the entire tab bar or reduce the left margin???

    171. alex says:


      i just installed the program with the new wordpres update and when i try to add a tab the page goes blank ?

    172. Dave says:

      I’ve just double checked and I’m not getting any problems with WP 2.7. What other plugins do you have installed? maybe try deactivating to make sure none of them are interfering with dTabs. Sorry I can’t be any more help at present.

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    174. johnho says:

      Almost same as Zuhaib’s mentioned issue:
      I want to create menu with vertical-line inbetween the tab:

      Home | Contact | Gallery

      The difference is I’m using css border style instead plain text for the vertical-line.

      If using manual way, I use css style “border-right:1px solid black” to produce the vertical-line for the each . Except the last one: I add class “last” to the last with style “border:none” to prevent trailing “|”.

      This is the sample css class:

      ul#tabbar li {
      font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
      border-right:1px solid #FFFFFF;
      ul#tabbar li.last {
      border: none;

      Now I want to try the same thing with dTabs. But I failed to do so, since dTabs’ last doesn’t have class “last”. So it will got trailing vertical-line:

      Home | Contact | Gallery |

      So I want to suggest that for next release of dTabs, the first tab and last tab should have specific class added, such as: and .

      Also it’s even better if there is odd/even class and numbering/indexing such as:
      , , …

      Keep up the good work.

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    177. Simon says:


      Great plugin, thx! First dynamic tabbar plugin I really like to use.
      But there´s one thing I´m struggling with. Dtabs work great with the selected cats, but in case one single specific category is in use, I´d like to have an additional tabbar right below.
      So, how do I set up and invoke an additional tabbar? Any idea anyone? My previous attempts give me headaches! :-O
      Thanks in advance…

    178. prateek says:

      can i modify this plugin to implement widgets in the sidebar? If yes, how is it possible? I am trying to look for a tabbed solution so that I can save space on the widgets – for example: I have three tabs – two are hidden and one is displayed in the sidebar..is this possible?

      thanks inadvance…

    179. Simon says:

      in the tabbar the first item (which is the front page) is no longer highlighted. What might that be? I tried reset but didn´t work…

    180. Thanks for the plugin! Just a note for anyone wanting to see the tabs in action, I’m in the midst of building a site at http://rsc-web.rsci.com/thethink/.

      And, also if you don’t intend to use the fading and great javascript functions included in dtabs, you can remove the extra javascript line in your page code by removing the corresponding code from dtabs.php.

      Thanks again.

    181. Dave says:

      Alternatively you can specify “outputjs=0″ as a parameter when calling dtab_list_tabs() (see Adding dTabs to your theme) ;-)

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The next release will only output the javascript if it is needed (i.e. if there are drop down menus).

    182. Dave says:

      Sorry, this functionality is not possible with dTabs.

    183. Dave says:

      Sorry dTabs currently can only make a single tabbar, while more than one is obviously technically possible, it would be a lot of work and I simply don’t have the time at the moment.

    184. Dave says:

      Thanks for your ideas, I’ll take them into consideration for future releases. In the meantime, as an alternative you could use the between parameter:
      < ?php dtab_list_tabs('between=< div class="separator">< /div>'); ?>

      or simply:
      < ?php dtab_list_tabs('between=|'); ?>

      Hope that helps

    185. Russ Incoll says:

      I like the way dTabs works but when I select sort by title in achives, the archives still display sorted by date. What do you think the problem is?



    186. Eric says:

      this plugin is incredible!!! I’ve been fiddling with it for hours, but have come to a stand still with the common problem of the drop-down menus being offset to the right due to (I assume) the absolute position of the container.

      I’m no coder – just a player, and I think I’m at a point where I either need help or I don’t use the plugin =S I’ve adjusted the CSS to match my theme wonderfully – and I’ve played with the plugin code as suggested in the previous posts. (had some luck with playing with line 1207, but only fixes for the PC resolution/browser width at the time of editing.

      Dave, I’ve read through everything here and I admire you deeply – it’s obvious you have given a lot of time, effort, and care toward this project. I just hope you haven’t gotten burned out! If there is any progress on the fix for this issue – I’d be eager to apply it to my site.

      regards & blessings,


    187. Eric says:


      It might help if you looked into the My Page Order Plugin. It’s pretty handy and helped me order my dTabs1


    188. Russ Incoll says:

      Thanks Eric, Its good to get a response, so many people ignore emails despite them giving an email address and/or suggesting that you email them. I have uploaded My Page Order and will check it out. Hope you are not too cold, what a contrast we had three days in a row over 40ºC last week and you guys are freezing! Regards Russ

    189. Omer M says:

      Hi, the tabs look really good. I have another question – is there an easy way of making each tab in different colour? It would look very nice!



    190. Dave says:

      Each tab has a unique css id which can be used to apply unique formatting ;-)

      hope that helps

    191. Dave says:

      Sorry for the slow response. As I’m sure you understand, providing support for a WP plugin I make available for free isn’t on the top of my priority list, but I do what I can when I can. How were you originally selecting to sort the archives by title?

    192. Thank you so much for this plugin! It is awesome. If I can figure this one problem out, I will highly recommend downloading it (and donating) especially those who aren’t comfortable with code.

      My one problem is that when I use a static page for my front page, the output doesn’t include “tabselected”, the front page li class is only “tab”. Is there a workaround for this?

      Thanks again!

    193. Dave says:

      Hi Cathy, thanks for your kind comments. A couple of questions:

      1) Are you using WP to set a page as your front page (as opposed to a plugin)?
      2) Have you set your tab type to ‘front page’ (and not ‘posts page’)?

      If the answers are yes and yes then send me the url of the WP installation so I can have a look

      Hope that helps

    194. yes, and yes. I hate to ask you to do that! If there’s a work around I can put it in myself? I’ll email you my logins if you want to have a look. THANK YOU!!

    195. Dave says:

      Well after quite a bit of head scratching it turned out to be pretty simple. The problem lies with WP Super Cache – you’ve been seeing cached versions of the pages which didn’t have the correct tabs highlighted. I simply refreshed (deleted) the cache and all was well.

      (I left your posts displaying on your home page though because I’m not sure how you had it set up originally.)

      Glad to have been of service

      Nice site btw ;-)

    196. wqli78 says:

      The plugin is awesome , but I find a bug.

      When the Category names are Chinese language(utf-8), the sub tabs can’t show nomorly。

      They only show the first tab’s subtabs .

      Thank you!

    197. Dave says:

      Thanks for the bug report ;-)

      I presume it’s caused by dTabs changing any none word characters in tab names (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) to underscores for use in javascript (javascript doesn’t like none word characters). I’ll try and think up of a fix for this in the next version. In the meantime, you could use some word characters in your tab names, these are only used “under the hood” so won’t be visible to your users.

      Hope that helps

    198. Petra says:

      I was able to create a second dtabs by creating a duplicate of the dtabs plugin folder, call it dtabs2, and replace all instances of dtabs to dtabs2 in dtabs.php

    199. Petra says:

      I want to set a tab (Home) as the current tab if viewing a specific category of posts (Features) ?

      maybe in dtabs.php something like this:

      if (in_category(’20′)){
      $current_tab = $tab['front_page'];}

      I can’t figure out that second line… or where to put it.

      otherwise, wicked plugin.

    200. Wade says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks so much for the great plugin. It extremely simple to use and highly effective. Just one question; how can i get a sub page of my top level navigation to remain highlighted when Im on that page? Its easy to have it highlighted on the page that the tab was created for but I’m not sure how to make it remain on on another level 2 page? Any help for this pleeeeaase? I will be truely grateful.

      Kind regards,


    201. Dave says:

      Just make a tab for that category – its should stay selected while the current page is any of it’s sub category or post from that category (unless there is a tab for that specific sub category or post).

      Hope that helps

    202. Dave says:

      Thanks for sharing :-) simple but effective!

    203. Petra says:

      yeh that’s what I ended up doing… but my Featured posts only show on the Home page, so now I have two duplicate looking pages with the same posts… my Home and Featured tabs =/

    204. Petra says:

      should also mention that you need to rename dtabs.php to dtabs2.php

      and replace all dtab with dtab2… (do this before replacing all dtabs)

      and then when you put the code snipit replace dtabs with dtabs2 etc.

      you get the idea…

      and then you have to activate the new plugin (dtabs2) and you will have two “tabs” now to configure.

    205. Dave says:

      …this is how dTabs should work, what’s the url for your installation?

    206. Dave says:

      I don’t quite follow. Why can’t you just scrap the ‘Featured’ tab? ..then any children of ‘Featured’ would (should) select the ‘Home’ tab (by default), or am I missing what you’re aiming to do?

    207. Matt says:

      can you make it possible to have sub-links PLEASE!!!

    208. Robert S. says:

      Thanks for this great piece of code, very useful for main dropdown menu with static pages in WP.
      However, one thing I can’t figure out: how to keep the hover style on main tab when you mouseover the links in its submenu? For example, the “Archives” tab in the main menu on this page (this website) has a submenu, but when you mouseover the links in that submenu, the tab “Archives” loses the hover effect (the link color). I’m interested in this question because I’m using the plugin for main dropdown menu which doesn’t look like tabs, so when I mouseover some submenu, its parent main link doesn’t look “connected” to the submenu.


    209. David says:

      Is there an official word as to if this plugin is compatible with WP 2.7 (and now 2.7.1)? I’ve been going through my plugin list before an upgrade and this one isn’t listed on the WP 2.7 compatibility list… and in the plugin directory it’s only listed as compatible up to 2.6.3.

    210. Dave says:

      Yeah it works no problem, there’s a few minor changes that I need to make before I list it as fully compatible (eg collapsable boxes don’t remember their state between page loads), but nothing major – all the tabbing features work no problems :-D

    211. bowbot says:

      I installed last night on WP 2.7.1 using Sandbox 1.6 with a child theme. Works great out of the box. Changed the code in the header and that was it. Solved my need for mixing pages and categories in a top level navigation that could be changed on the fly by a site admin from within wordpress. The other key feature we needed having the current section being highlighted in the navigation at the sub-page and single post level–success there too. I made two mods to my style sheet classes to take into account the Dtab classes and that was it. We are not doing any drop downs so can’t speak to that. Once the site is live will post the URL. Thanks for a great plugin

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    213. I am pretty sure this is exactly what I am looking for!!! I just can’t seem to get it to work with my theme (Flexibility 2). I know very little about code and I am probably doing something wrong. Any ideas of who can help me?

    214. Mor says:

      Hi there,
      Thanks for a great plug in. One question- Is it possible to use the

      if (function_exists(‘dtab_list_tabs’)) {
      on the page twice? I would like to use it as the top main navigation and in the footer as a smaller version of the navigation.
      If it is possible, should I create a different loop for the menu?


    215. Dave says:

      Yes it is possible to use it twice and it doesn’t need to be inside the loop so don’t worry about that. I’d just advise that you enclose the call in divs to allow you to identify the two tabbars with css eg

      if (function_exists(’dtab_list_tabs’)) {
      echo '

      echo '


      if (function_exists(’dtab_list_tabs’)) {
      echo '


    216. Mor says:

      Hi, thanks for the reply. However, when I use the to echo the menu:
      “if (function_exists(‘dtab_list_tabs’)) {
      my output is ul id=”tabbar” and not a class “tabbar”.


    217. Will says:

      Hello! I’m looking for a way to set up a parent page as a non-link; basically have it just link to the first child page if clicked. Basically, I have a collection of pages that fall under a top level page, but the top level page has no content (e.g. the top level page is called ‘shows’ and the child pages are all pages about each show, but the top level ‘shows’ page has nothing on it).

      Any way to disable the url, or reset it to the next child page? In the control panel the url is not editable.


    218. Dave says:

      Sorry this functionality is not available in the current version. Look out for the next release ;-)

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    220. Shaun says:

      This is definitely the plug-in to standardize on.
      I want to add an icon to the left of the text displaying in each tab and was able to do that by adding the following to my style.css file:

      background:url(‘images/Japan Rider home.gif’) no-repeat left 5px;

      however, it displays over the text. I have tried using the float: left.

      Can you suggest how I can accomplish displaying the icon without it overwriting the text in the tab?

    221. Dave says:

      I’d try adding some padding-left.

      Also, when specifying the position of the background you usually give the vertical position first so I’m not sure how “left 5px” will be interpreted – I’d probably go for “center left” so that the image is centered vertically and placed on the left hand side, then achieve the spacing using margin and padding. Margin will add spacing before the image, whereas padding will enable you to put spacing between the image and the text in that tab.

      So say I have an image which is 16×16 pixels, I want 4px spacing between each tab, and 2px spacing between the image and the text in each tab:

      .tab, .tabselected { /* will change all tabs */
      margin: 0 2px; /* 2px on either side i.e. 4px between each tab */
      padding-left: 16px; /* 14px with plus 2px spacing before the text */
      #front_page_tab {
      background: url(’images/Japan Rider home.gif’) no-repeat center left;

      Hope that helps ;-)

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    223. Shaun says:

      Thanks. I ended up making most of the changes except the margin and that seemed to do the trick.

      Strangely enough (or maybe as expected), the tabs display a line below them in IE8 so you can’t make it look like your are looking at the page assigned to that tag.

      Any ideas?

    224. jennyb says:

      am with Will, would love to have the ability to exclude urls (parent pages with no content)!
      thnx, it’s a great plugin :)

    225. justin says:

      I had a developer modify dtabs to work for wpmu so it works global but now that version of the plugin is broken and I need a fix. By global this is how it worked:

      Tabs created in dtabs from categories, pages, archives etc…. is done on the main blog. The dtabs code is placed in the header of the template as it normally is.

      The difference is the tas created on the main blog now show tabs on all sub blogs with drop down cats and pages that are from the main blog. This way the main wpmu blog administer can show constant categories across all blogs.

      Can someone modify the code for me or show the modifications. I nned this quickly.


    226. Dave says:

      Sorry Justin, I’m not familiar with working with WordPress MU and it’s documentation is somewhat less than comprehensive …perhaps if you email me the modified dTabs I might be able to help, but no promises ;-)

    227. Dave says:

      Supported in 1.4 :-)

    228. Dave says:

      disabling tab links is supported in 1.4+

    229. Dave says:

      I’ve added an option to usse class=”tabbar” instead of id=”tabbar” in 1.4

    230. luke says:

      Thanks for the cool plugin! I’m having a problem immediately following activation.

      2 of the fields on the “Edit Tab” page are disabled:
      Tab name
      Tab URL/Path/Permalink
      …so i can’t add a url etc.

      That being said – the tabs are showing up in the template and the css works etc

      thanks for the help!
      I am using WordPress 2.8.3

    231. John says:

      Sorry if this has been covered already but how exactly do you create submenus? I can’t find the option in the admin panel under ‘tabs’.

    232. John says:

      Where do you insert this code?

      subcategory 1 name

      subcategory 1.1 name
      subcategory 1.2 name

      subcategory 2 name
      subcategory 3 name

      I tried inserting it in the header.php under

      and it just created three extra tabs on my navbar.

    233. I can only add SIX tabs????

      I’m running Firefox 3.5.2 in Mac OS 10.5.6.

      When I attempt to add my SEVENTH tab in the “Manage Tabs” page, the “Create New Tab” Button leads to the edit screen of the SIXTH tab.

      I have to force the add of a SEVENTH tab by adjusting the path-URL from clicking the “Create New Tab” button, adjusting that URL from “tab=6″ to “tab=7″. Looks like a bug. My workaround was quite involved (manually changing the URL). FYI.

      Great Plug-in otherwise. Last year I would have enlisted a wordpress designer to do that for me.

    234. In the “Edit Tab” page, toggle the second menu (“Tab Type”) from its default “Front Page” to “Page”, which enables entries into fields “Tab name” etc.

      Hope this helps.

    235. Josh says:

      I’m trying to get my menu on the top of http://www.agraceplace.org to go ALL the way to the top.
      I even tried to put it in its own div.. and can’t seem to get it where i want it…


    236. Chris Burke says:

      this has got to be the most confusing plugin I’ve ever used… your directions are very poor.. I’ve enabled the plugin, and have the nav set up (i.e when I go to tabs, I can create an item) however, I cannot find ANYWHERE how the heck to make a drop down.. if you look at my site you will see the nav item called “Photography” I would like to make it so when you hover over it, it shows:

      ChrisBurkePhotograhy (a link to my photo site)
      SmugMug (a link to my smugmug account)

      however, I cannot for the life of me figure it out at all .. all I can figure out is how to make the nav menu a link not a drop down..

    237. Gary11 says:

      Nice Plug-In. It is the answer to all my problems. Perfect standard plug in and I will continue to use this for the rest of my websites. I am sort of a new player to HTML but I know enough to take simple instruction and feedback.

      Here is my website garyblackburn.org I am building my site from a default WordPress theme so I can easily modify and create my own theme. It helps when I need to resort to plug ins make is easier to place code from other templates.

      I’m having issues with lining up the tabs menu so they are actually touching the top of the content area like in the Kubrick Tabs Theme. I tried adjusting the position of the menu function in header.php but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m sure it is something simple that I’m not doing correctly. Can’t seem to get to work.

      You probably answered this question before, but how do I place pictures inside the tabs next to the names? Would this be possible for subcategories in the drop down menus?

      By default the Home tab highlights white when I am not on the page. Is that a bug?

    238. Gary11 says:

      Not to be a pest and double-post, but I just want to say thank you in return.

    239. Gary11 says:


      Thanks for the plug in. Although some things aren’t syncing with my website yet and I seek assistance. The tabs aren’t lining up correctly across my page. i.e appearing above in a white box, in front of my header, or right above the title of my page, depending on where the code is placed.

      Thanks for the help.

    240. Andy says:

      I ran into same problem as Michael below with MySQL Export/Import not handling the dtabs array correctly from the WP-Options table.

      Your response was:
      Dave reply on May 26th, 2008 11:42 am:
      If you can access the options directly (like in phpMyAdmin) then try copying the contents of the dtabs option over manually, I seem to remember backing up can have problems with arrays stored as options.

      Manually copying using phpMyAdmin resolved the problem on the destination server for me. Thanks.

      My question is do you know why or how the export/import can be done so that the manual copy is not required. I perform website moves from development server to production server on regular basis and this added MANUAL process puts a big wrench in the process for me.

      I have searched around trying to get educated on why this is happening and have had no luck.

      Any input would be greatly appreciated.

      Oh and THANKS! for the great plugin. It really does a perfect job for me.


      Hope that helps

    241. peter says:

      Saw the comment below about the “categories option” — I don’t get it. Why do we have to create sub-categories for all the posts in a page?? Or is there another way of doing what I want…

      5 posts in a category

      Which would result in a tab named after the category and links to all the posts in the drop-down. Or are you saying I need to create sub-categories for EVERY POST in the main category? Seems very redundant.

    242. Eivind says:

      Hi there!
      Thanks for the beautiful work on the dTab. ‘Made my day’ (quote: Clint the Guy)
      I’ve used your dTab for a year and it worked very well until 2day. I’m running the last version. Today I wanted to add a new tab. What happened was that instead of giving me a new tab I got the last one in the row. I pat in the data but then it turned out that I as changing the last tab and NOT adding a new one. Got a solution?

    243. Hello! I would like to start with giving your plugin praise, it’s really nice! Just what i needed for my new wordpress-site.
      I have one question though? I wouldn’t be suprised if there’s a really simple solution for this, but I’m kinda new to wordpress and php.
      Is there a simple way of making the link to the current page unclickable? Say if you surf into my “contact” section, it’s of course easy to make that link highlighted, but can you also deactivate the link to “contact”? That would be like a really nice bonus…

    244. Uli says:

      Hi! Thank you for this great plugin! Is it possible to open a Link in a new Browser-Tab? I use “tab type”=other and want the linked page to be opened in a new Browser-Tab.

    245. Jason says:

      This plugin is awesome!!!

      but I do have two questions (please excuse if the questions are dumb):

      1. how do I hide the text generated for the menu items if I am using background images for the text (I know this is frowned upon, but sometimes the client “must have” a certain font)?

      2. how do I get the active state to work for my css background? The rollovers are working, and the active state shows up on MouseDown, but then goes back to the standard button when I am on the page.

    246. mumari says:


      I wonder if it is possible to have all my categories to swow upp in list belox the tab on mous over?
      Just like the archive?

    247. mugger says:

      Sidebar widgets let me have multiple LINKS, to separate topics. I’m getting nowhere trying to do that with dtabs and your modified default template, kubrick-tabs. I need link lists, not individual links. Any examples???

    248. mugger says:

      Further info. I did setup a tab for Bookmarks, which has ALL links. Your controls seem to not let me have one link-cat per tab, to separate subjects.

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    250. mike says:

      I’m banging my head against the wall…

      It worked great at first but now when I try to add new tabs it says “Are you Sure you want to do this? Try Again.”

      And It never lets me add a new tab. I’ve tried clearing cache and everything. What’s going on…

    251. Dave says:

      I have no idea, dTabs doesn’t use that string of text so I can only presume it’s wordpress. Try hitting ‘Reset’, or failing that – try uninstalling and reactivating.

      hope that helps

    252. mike says:

      Thanks for the reply.
      I’ve tried de-activating, uninstalling, clearing cache, trying on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari… still nothing.

      Is there a way to manually add tabs by inserting code into header or something? So I don’t have to go through the plug-in settings menu.

      For some reason it keeps telling me “Are You Sure You Want to Do This? Try Again” and I can never add a new tab…

      I’m using the pre-approved theme too, the modification of Kubric…

      Very strange, and I’m not dev savvy enough to figure this out on my own.

      Thanks again for your help!

    253. Riccardo says:

      I am using the Kubrick Tabs, which I installed on February 2009 on WordPress 2.7.1. I want to update to the current WordPress 2.8.6 but I worry that Kubrick Tabs may not work. Has anyone tried? Please let me know.

    254. Alex says:

      First of all, thank you for the great plugin. Could you please help with inserting tabs to the pages. I’ve added code to page.php, created tabs with tab type “Page”. How do I actually insert them into the page. I know this is a stupid question, and I’m sorry for that:) I just need some help to figure it out.
      Thanks a lot!

    255. J Starkman says:

      Would love to see this enabled for the Ahimsa theme. The rounded corners of the tabs would fit perfectly, design-wise, and add a very useful element to the navigation.

    256. Love this plugin. Working so far in all browsers except that I’m not seeing rounded corners in IE7. Tried using the CSS from GWM Foundation (Corrections for Silly Windows IE: Wheee!) but all I get are smaller versions of the same boxy tabs.

      Any ideas as to what causes this? I’m working on implementing these for http://www.tradewaiter.com/

      Thanks so much!

    257. Dave says:

      As far as I’m aware, Internet explorer does not support rounded corners (using css at least).

      Sorry I can’t be more help

    258. I notice when I see GWM Foundation and this site in IE7, the corners are rounded. Must be something else going on that I’m not catching. Thanks for the quick response.

    259. Well, rounded corners or not, I really like this. I’ve been looking for an easy way to have tabs stay a certain color when on the current page. This is far easier (and thus: big time saver!) to implement than anything I’ve found so far. Thanks again!

    260. Dave says:

      I designed this site before the days of border-radius and used images to get the rounded corners. It looks like the GWM Foundation has taken a similar approach. It’s pretty dirty and can be time consuming to get a good result, but if you want to do it then I would recommend downloading Kubrick Tabs to see how I did it. Take a look in header.php at the before and after arguments used when calling dtab_list_tabs and then the corresponding css in style.css.

      Hope that helps

    261. Dave says:

      have you tried contacting the theme’s author?

    262. Thanks! Will check it out.

    263. Phil says:

      Thanks for developing this plug-in, it’s great!

      Apologies for the beginner’s question. I’m using the example CSS supplied with the plug-in and was wondering how to change the background color of a tab on hover. I only seem to be able to change the color of the text at the moment.

      Many thanks, Phil

    264. Dave says:

      in the same place where you were changing the (text) color, add the background-color property eg .tabselected { color:black; background-color:green;} see http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_background-color.asp for more info

      Hope that helps

    265. david says:

      I’m having trouble with the positioning of the drop down menu…

      /* style the dropdown menus */
      .dmenu {
      position: absolute; left: -999em; /* REQUIRED dont display them to begin with */
      margin: -184px 0 0 -359px; /* position correctly */

      It appears to depend on the width of the window the user has so there is no way to achieve consistent positioning of the drop down. CSS is my weak point! Can you help please.

    266. bon says:

      Guys, how can I be able to display the subpages of each tab? please help.Thanks!

    267. xseon says:

      Nice plugin, but I can’t see any “first” and “last” classes! Furthermore, it’s not compatible with qTranslate plugin (multilingual site content) as dTabs doesn’t follow switching the languages. Not lucky me!

    268. reiner says:

      Hi! Thank you for this great plugin!

    269. DJSlim says:

      I am using the default CSS and only home will highlight white. no other pages will have their tab turn white when i am viewing them. any thoughts?

    270. DJSlim says:

      nevermind i figured it out finally

    271. Skye says:

      Great plugin! How do I make the font size of the dropdown menu items smaller than the font size of the Parent page?

    272. gstarwd says:

      error found when iam using dtab. I’ve enable the menu list feature.But when hover on the tab. the firebug show the error:”typeof(menuisvisible_�__�__�_��_�_menu)==’undefined’.


      how to fix this?? is this something about encoding?

    273. dtabs bug in 1.4: Cannot redeclare current_tab()

      Hi there Dave,

      I have a problem upgrading dtabs from 1.2.something to 1.4.

      I have 2 tab placements on the page, and after the 2nd placement, I now have this error:

      PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare current_tab() (previously declared in …\wp-content\plugins\dtabs\dtabs.php:1638) in …\wp-content\plugins\dtabs\dtabs.php on line 1638

      I’m placing the tabs like this:

      This was working without a problem in the 1.2.something version. I’ll try to dig into the code but would appreciate you taking a look at it.



    274. Your comments ate my code tags. Anyway, I am placing the tabs with the regular suggested method above.

    275. Turns out this function current_tab() is not referenced anywhere, so I removed it and everything started working. It was added recently but because it’s a function within another function (dtab_list_tabs()), PHP tries to redeclare it when I call dtab_list_tabs() the 2nd time.

      Can you validate your thinking here or commit a fix if you needed that function?


    276. And while I’m having this conversation with myself, if you ever wanted to actually have functions within functions, you can use the method in the answers to the question I just asked, outlined here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2304938/is-there-a-way-to-avoid-the-redeclared-function-fatal-error-while-defining-func

    277. David says:

      Hi! Just installed dTabs and all is well. My question is:

      Can I keep a ‘posts page’ type tab highlighted when individual posts, or archives are displayed?

      I have my menu setup with several static page tabs and have one blog (posts page)tab. Also, my front page is a static page..

      Seems to me this is either very simple or impossible. Hope you can help me.

    278. Philippe says:

      Thanks for your plugin.
      I try to use it in the following F2 WP site :
      I would like ton insert a drop down menu in my left sidebar but I don’t know where I have to paste the code :

      I tried in header.php but it doesn’t works.
      Thanks for your help


    279. Jenn says:

      This plugin works really well on the home page of my testblog (testblog4.jennmearswebdesign.com). I had to give the drop menus severe negative top and left margins to position them. For example:

      #about_menu {

      On the home page, the dtabs function is placed into the “navigation” div. On all the other pages, the header is much narrower so I put the dtabs function into the “navigation_inside” div. Is there a way to then style the menu differently for those pages? Currently they aren’t showing up on the page but they are in the source code for the page.

      Basically, how do you style the menu to be in a different position on a different page?


    280. mache says:

      i’m working on a new look for my site, and i’d like to keep on using dtabs for the menu. I just would like to know if there’s a way i can organize the dropdown menu in a way that i select which subcatgory or page comes down each link.
      what i mean is that for example, i have the live music category which include live reviews and live previews, but on the menu i’d like to add other two more links below live music, so it’ll be under live music: reviews, previews, editor’s picks, and gigs.
      the problem is that because of the structure of the site, if i add editor’s picks and gigs as subcategories of live music then it’ll mess all the organization i want for the way to show editor’s picks and gigs (which is not a category and a page)
      i hope i’m explaining it well, it’s kind of complicated i think.
      and i hope there’s a way to do this.

      thanks in advance for your help!

    281. mache says:

      Hi again, while waiting for some wiser coder than me, i’ve been trying to solve my problem, but to organize the categories as subcategories to be displayed under a root one, i’ve had to create 3 levels of categories, so the rest of my structure doesn’t get all messed up.
      so when on the menu there’s a category, it’ll display all the subcategories, and children categories of the subcategories too. And it makes a mess when displayed vertically.
      I’d really need support on this one, please. i’m working on test.layabozi.com/wordpress/ … u can see the menu right there…


    282. Peter C says:

      Hi, I’m having some issues with the dropdown menus being non-aligned to their parent. You can see the alignment bug here: http://sjf.cc/lyris/

      is this a known problem? any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    283. Dave says:

      Its just a css issue. Change the margin for .dmenu (around line 1759 of style.css on your site) try margin: 10px 0 0 -21px;

    284. Peter C says:

      thanks for the speedy reply. will try this shortly.

    285. Peter C says:

      hey, no difference – its also wildly different on chrome/safari/firefox – haven’t dared try IE yet :)

    286. Peter C says:

      it appears to be the inline style attribute of the .menu eg: position: absolute; top: 61px; display: inline; z-index: 100; opacity: 1; left: 182px; appears to be ~50px off..

    287. Dave says:

      Your style.css is still showing margin: 10px 0 0 -103px; at the moment. Changing the left margin from -103px to -21px works in Firefox and Safari.

    288. Peter C says:

      Dave, changed it to:

      margin: 10px 0 0 -21px;

      renders central in chrome, slightly off (but ok) in safari and way off in Firefox. What version firefox are you on?

    289. Dave says:

      FF 3.6.3 – perfect left alignment, Safari 4.0.5 – acceptable left alignment (1px off to the left). Make sure you’re not using cached versions of style.css – load it in your browser, confirm the margin is -21px and then reload the webpage.

    290. Hey, great plugin but pretty frustrated here. My blog is http://www.thegiveproject.com/blog and I’m trying to add the tabs for navigation but I can’t figure out how to move them to the bottom of my header instead of the top. If you could tell me where too add the css and what to add (is it margin? position? align?) that would be super helpful. I’m super new at code so bear with me.

      Thanks so much!
      Chase Brumfield

    291. Flora says:

      I was getting few CSS problem Although it good plugin, Thanks!

    292. Henrik says:

      This is how you solve dtabs not showing currenttabs on post page.
      You need to on Tab type: select post page and it will solve the issue.


    293. Martin says:

      Please add after starting and ending javascript otherwise w3c vadilator will prompt erros and warnings.

      File dtabs.php
      Line: 1387 & 1459
      keep code clean ;-)

      cheers martin

    294. valdici says:

      Hi, I have a problem, tho it might be really easy to fix, I am not really sure where to begin- when I have completed my site http://www.2-woo.com it looks fine in Firefox but if I use IE8 to view it seems like the margins have been squeezed a lot making the drop down menu unviewable

      ( http://www.2-woo.com )

    295. Omer M says:

      Hi there,

      been using this bit of code for some time now and am very happy.

      Just one quick question – is the plugin compatible with WP 3.0.1?



    296. Hi,
      You need to create you sub pages in WordPress. For each sub-pages, you need to assign its parent page in wordpress before it can work with dtabs.
      Mario Bruneau

    297. Hi Dave,

      I like your dtabs very much. I use it on my site http://www.mariobruneau.com/wp/

      But the sub menu “Conference” appear far to low from the “Accordéoniste” tab.

      What can I do to fix it?


      Mario Bruneau

    298. Duane Poncy says:

      Editing options does not work on WP multisite installations–it takes you to the wrong URL. This should be a fairly easy fix.

    299. conualfy says:

      It work great on WP 3.01, thanks!

      The only thing I guess it’s missing it the possibility to disable the show/hide effect without manually modifying the plugin code.

    300. Matteo says:

      Hi, I’m using dTabs on a WP blog( http://paologrande.it ) and I’m very happy about it, but there are two thing I really want to customize and I don’t know how to do it:

      1) align the topnav menu generated by dtabs with the blog title (there’s a space I can’t delete…I don’t know where to search it in the plugin code.
      2)I’d like (I need… :D ) to customize the menu’s text colours and I can’t find them in the code…

      Thanks for your help!!!


    301. Rio says:

      How do I use dTab with custom taxonomy?

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