Sony Ericsson USB Cable Driver for Mac OS X

After buying Sony Ericsson k750i, was (sadly) excited by the USB cable included in the box and the prospect of using my Sony Ericsson’s card reader interface with my mac :-D .

This didn’t last for long though, as Mac OS X does not have a driver for the cable and there isn’t one on the CD included with the phone. After searching high and low on the Sony Ericsson website and Google I found that Sony Ericsson do not make OS X drivers for using their phones with macs and it seems no-one else has bothered to make one either, most Sony Ericsson “hackers” and the like seem happy with their phones bluetooth capabilities. Without a driver the cable merely functions as a charger.

However I eventually found which explains that most of the USB cables are based upon the Prolific PL-2303 USB-Serial chipset, for which there is a driver for Mac OS X Tiger available for download on the Prolific Technology website :-D


This driver enables the use of the card reader functionality of most Sony Ericssons, so that OS X mounts your phone’s memory stick to your desktop as an external drive. You can then import your photos directly into iPhoto, as well as download or upload any files directly from or onto your phone’s memory stick. Please note however that this driver only enables access to the phone’s memory card and not it’s internal memory, so you cannot access your calendar or contacts, or synchronise your phone with iSync. The USB cable is therefore no replacement for bluetooth in that respect, but you can send contact details from Address Book on your Mac to your Sony Ericsson by exporting a vCard for a contact or group of contacts (via the File menu), either directly to your phone’s memory stick, or locally and then copying the vCard onto your phone’s memory stick.

Directly accessing your Sony Ericsson’s memory stick on OS X with Finder will unfortunately cause Finder to leave behind folder setting in “invisible” .DS_Store files. This is normal, Finder does this in all folders but you don’t usually see them in Mac OS X because it hides them by default. Your Sony Ericsson on the other hand does not hide them, so they can be a bit of a nuisance in File Manager. Luckily there are a good few programs around that will delete all the .DS_Store files in a given location. Out of the one’s I’ve tried, the best and most professional seem to be DSWipe and AppleOff, but there are many available.

Instructions for downloading and installing the driver:

  1. Go to Prolific Technology website by clicking on this link.
  2. Download the Mac OS X PL2303 driver by clicking on “”.
  3. Unzip the file, making a folder called “md_pl2303H_HX_X_dmg_v1.1.0b1?.
  4. Go into the folder and double click on “PL2303_1.1.0b1.dmg” to mount it to your desktop.
  5. Double click on “PL2303_1.1.0b1.pkg” inside the disk image to install the driver.
  6. Restart your mac for the new settings to take effect.
  7. Plug in your Sony Ericsson Phone to your Mac using a Sony Ericsson USB cable to mount it’s memory stick on your desktop.


The basic requirements for use of the driver are:

  • An Apple computer running on Mac OS X
  • A compatible Sony Ericsson phone
  • A Sony Ericsson USB Cable

The driver has been tested on and reportedly works on following Sony Ericsson phone models on Tiger:

  • w600i
  • k750i
  • k800i

The driver has been tested on, but did not work with the following models:

  • k700i

Finally the following models are reported to mount as external storage devices in OS X without the installation of any driver or third party software:

  • K610i
  • w810i
  • k800i

If you successfully use the driver with a different version of OS X or a different model phone please comment on this page with the details so that they can be added to the list. Thankyou

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65 Responses to Sony Ericsson USB Cable Driver for Mac OS X

  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Found this post via Google. I just got a w600i from Cingular today and I can verify the driver works with this model. Yay! I am using OS X 10.4.5.

  2. Alain Melancon says:

    I tried the new driver (Intel) with Mac OS 10.4.7 and my MacBook Pro still doesn’t mount my w600i with the USB cable connected. Do you have any suggestions ?


  3. Gareth says:

    Any way I can do this with my T290 i got the cable but can’t get it to connect – i bought the cable especially

  4. Carrtmann says:


  5. Chris says:

    Many thanks for the link to this:

    Just used it successfully between my SE K800i and my C2D Macbook (OS 10.4.8).


  6. Jerry says:

    Unfortunately this does not work with the w810i as it does not use the PL-2303 but instead uses the Silabs Cp210x device, I know this because I looked at the Windows drivers. I can write a driver for this device if anyone is interested, as you all can tell it does not come up as a Mass Storage Device in Windows. I could given some time, build a cable which works as a Mass Storage Drive and run faster, and support Mac OS X, would anyone be interested.

  7. SammyC says:

    This is odd.

    I have literally stumbled across this site whilst looking for a Mac version of Sony Ericsson’s Mobile Phone Suite.

    I have been transferring files with no 3rd party software, just the provided cable, my PowerBook running 10.4.8 and my K610i for the last hour or so.

  8. Claire says:

    I recently bought a SE k800i and have just tried connecting it to my G5 iMac with the supplied usb cable. I have no 3rd party software installed.

    The phone is mounted on the desktop as a removeable device and it auto opened iPhoto and asked to import from the Camera Photos folder. It’s also charging it for me, which means I don’t have to fork out for a second charger for work. I’m rather pleased. :)

  9. kan says:

    sony ericsson is maybe the best phone on the world :) i prefere it than nokia

  10. James Conway says:

    Each time i click on the link i get a virtually empty page with no download link, is there another site i can get the driver from?
    any help much appreciated

  11. Rick says:

    i had the same experience with my k610i and os x 10.4.8, i just plugged in the supplied cable and it just worked.
    the phone showed up immediately on the desktop and it automatically opened iphoto as though it was my digital camera.
    then just imported photos as per usual. no 3rd party software installed.

  12. blink4blog says:

    the trick to transfer file from SE K800i to Mac OS X 10.3.x is when connect the USB cable, select “File Transfer” mode from phone, there you have the drive mounted and ready for your application, but limited to photos or videos only.

  13. DaPinkOne says:


    I’ve just connected my SE k800i blissfully ignorent of its incompatibility with OSX. I got instant access with USB, though. Only I can’t seem to find the destination folder for the vCards I’ve created from my Adressbook. Where do they go? And can I also export my Calendercontent in kinda the same way?


  14. ketchup4sale says:

    It works perfectly with my k800i as long as I select file transfer mode when I plug it in. It is able to access both the phone mempry and the expansion card, and I have been able to transfer over everything I have tried so far, so I don’t think it is limited to certain things.


  15. jon says:

    w8101i worked! great driver!

  16. rizwan says:

    Salamz friends friend i have SonyEricsson W600i but yaar i have no its cable driver can any bOdy send me its driver or link i will be download it imediatly ok thanx yara

  17. Dave says:

    I’m using a Sony Ericsson k810i just fine with Mac OS X, I plugged it in and both the phone’s internal memory and the external card are regonised and I’m moving media between phone and MAC no problems. I’m using OS X Tiger

  18. Mark says:

    Recently was given a k700i without the usb cable Purchased a cable and have downloaded your driver but the phone is a no go mounting to my desktop. I am running OS 10.4.10.

    It also does not charge my phone as you mentioned yours did, so I am not sure if the driver is not compatible with the k700i or if I simply have a bad cable.

    Anyone else try this driver with a k700i? Thx

  19. Gunnar says:

    My K810i mounts without problem with usb cable but Im unable to use iSync.
    It does not find new device (yes, Im using phone mode, not file transfer :)
    any ideas?
    also I have some kind of problem with bluetooth (its not functioning) maybe those two problems are connected and I have faulty phone…

  20. WAQAS MUGHAL says:

    salaam friend i needed w810i USb cable driver if any body send me THIS ID

  21. Michael says:

    Thanks for the information. It works with my W880i.

  22. Tim R says:

    I have just bought a K810i – my first Sony Ericsson. I like the phone but does anyone know if there is a way to sync a Apple Mac Address Book with the phone contacs (Like iSync?)

  23. Thomas says:

    I tried this solution with my Sony Ericsson P1i (a new model). If I connect that with the USB cable that came with it to my Mac (PowerPC, OS-X 10.4.11), I immediately see it in the System Profiler, but it never shows up on my desktop (or anyplace where I can find it).
    In the ReadMe file that came with the PL2303 drive it said “Remove any previously installed USB driver first”, and I don’t know whether this applies also to the USB driver that is certainly part of OS-X.
    Can anyone help?

  24. Sel says:

    My SE K800i conects perfectly well straight out of the box to my powerbook 10.3.9, yet causes an instant crash if connected to my powermac 10.4.1


  25. John V says:

    I have been trying to make this setup work with my PowerMac G5, with 10.4.11, and a Sony-Ericsson W880i phone. It doesn’t work for me – nothing mounts on desktop. I am curious to know how you, MIchael, got yours to work – what computer are you using, for instance? Thanks much, John

  26. Toke says:

    I have been trying to get my Phone (w880i) connected with either a windows or Mac machine all day. I was getting fairly upset. I am sure you know what I mean.

    When I told the phone to go into the file transfer mode, the phone just started-up again asking me if I wanted to start in normal or flight mode. After countless hours, I disabled the feature of being prompted with this question. By-passing this allows you to access the memory stick like described above on your w880i. Maybe it will do the trick for John V as well.

  27. Bruce McL says:

    K810i, Power Mac G5, OS X 10.5.2, driver PL2303_1.2.1r2. The driver seems to work, although not every time. I was using this phone on 10.4.x with no driver installed. That worked most of the time, but stopped working with Leopard.

  28. genioe says:

    I tested your method with OSX 10.5.2 and a SE 500i and it works perfectly, although the connection is quite slow… for a 4 gig memory stick it takes some time to get music onto it – compared to the iPod ;)

    Thank you very much, works great!

  29. I want to try it with with a 550K.

  30. Barbara says:

    Gde mogu da nadjem usb drivers za sony ericsson k800i???!!!

  31. Morel says:

    I like to connect my K800i on my Mac OS X

  32. spiffo says:

    i’m using a w580i on a PB G4 and no love. 4GB M2 card, installed both the Prolific and SiLabs drivers (uninstalled original Prolific driver, then reinstalled too) and still get nothing. The phone shows up in System Profiler, but will not appear in the Finder. Any suggestions?

  33. Alan Green says:

    Nice one… just installed the driver on my MacBook Pro running Leopard 10.5.4 and have just synced my K550i using iTuneMyWalkman perfectly. Thanks!

  34. jorge rivotti says:

    ’m using a w580i on a PB G4 and no love. 4GB M2 card, installed both the Prolific and SiLabs drivers (uninstalled original Prolific driver, then reinstalled too) and still get nothing. The phone shows up in System Profiler, but will not appear in the Finder. Any suggestions?

  35. bagus says:

    I use sony ericsson K800i

  36. anique says:

    i wanna drier of memory card files tranfer 2 pc i have k750i ??????

  37. Gabba says:

    I just tried this with an eMac 1.25 GHz, running fully updated Leopard, for a K750i, and I can’t get it to appear on the desktop. It is showing up in the System Profiler, but I can’t access it. It is also charging so the cable is good.

    I want to dump this driver from the system. Is it installing as this file?


    Is all I have to do is dump this file?

  38. gerald fredrik says:

    can it use for w910i?

  39. Annisa says:

    Whoa, finally!
    I had a W700i with OS X 10.4.??.. works perfectly!

    Many thanks!!

  40. toine says:

    it also works with w200i and 10.4.11

  41. Jeff says:

    When are big companies going to realize that people tend to use mac’s as well as pc’s??

    I don’t get it. Macs are for hip people. PC’s are for old people. They aim their products at young hip people, but don’t design them for macs?

    Thanks BTW.

  42. jamie says:

    cheers wondered why my phone wouldn’t connect to the mac well apreciated

  43. Marc says:

    I just tried on 10.5.6 with my w760a from ATT and it did not work. It was kind of logical because if I looked at my USB product id (pid) this is 0x00c6 and vendor id (vid) is: 0x0fce while the driver readme states that VID:067B

  44. Marc says:

    I also found a way to make the W760a , in the USB mode you can go to Mass Transfer Mode and in that case it works…

  45. ali says:

    i want the sony erri8cson w700i software

  46. John says:

    My music files are loading onto a 760a using 10.4.11. Hooked into a usb 2.0 PCI card. It didn’t work with a hub coming off the same card.

  47. David Swallow says:

    Hi, thanks for your post which was useful in that I can now see my K800i mounted on my MacBook (OS X v 10.5.6). I have plugged it in via USB cable as I thought this would enable me to back up my texts which I can’t do via bluetooth.
    I still cannot see my text messages on my phone, unfortunately.
    Do you have any tips to carry this out?

    Thanks again, Dave

  48. ali says:

    tried on 10.5.6 with my w760a from ATT and it did not work. It

  49. ali says:

    on 10.5.6 with my w760a from ATT and it did not work. It was kind of logical because if I looked at my USB product id (pid) this is 0×00c6 and vendor id (vid) is: 0×0fce while the driver readme states that V

  50. gobi says:

    Hi, thanks for your post which was useful in that I can now see my K800i mounted on my MacBook (OS X v 10.5.6). I have plugged it in via USB cable as I thought this would enable me to back up my texts which I can’t do via bluetooth.
    I still cannot see my text messages on my phone, unfortunately.
    Do you have any tips to carry this out?

  51. Fiona says:

    Works fine with the W595. Thank you!

  52. Steve Turner says:

    I installed this driver on OSX 10.5.6 to get my W595 working. Result was almost perfect as soon as I plug in the USB data cable. I got instant access to the phone`s Photo library with iPhoto.

    I now use this in conjunction with recent bluetooth iSync software (Sony ericsson web site) for iCal and Address book.

    I notice also that the PHONE (memory) and PHONE CARD (sim) are mounted from the finder as hard drives. So it should be possible to download music to the phone since it is a Sony walkman. I am just about to try to get this working …

    The perfect solution would be to acccess everything by Bluetooth but this is a close to perfect second best. Quite why the Sony Ericsson website does not provide this download I do not understand.

  53. vladmen says:

    No funciona con W302 (don´t work with w302), but tanks :)

  54. panicdog says:

    got it to work the first time but unfortunately once only on k750i and macosx 10.5.7. after un-mounting the usb it never was recognized again even if i re-inserted it a couple of times.

  55. Matthew says:

    I got it to work on the latest version of Leopard with my 580i. Just put your phone into “file transfer” mode when asked. I only get access to the card, not the phone’s internal memory.


  56. Arun says:

    thanks…. mac works perfectly for my sony ericsson w 395….

  57. Anne says:

    Hey – Thanx – this works perfectly for my mobile W302 : )

  58. boski says:

    Thx :) SE 850i and Snow Leo… perfect :)

  59. Jill says:

    WORKED! On Mac 10.5.8, with Sony Ericsson W518a, just connect and restart the phone, the card shows up as a drive and you can import via iPhoto. THANK YOU!!

  60. CocoMcB says:

    worked perfectly for a w300i on a mac running snow leopard. Thanks!!!

  61. Amaury says:


  62. isa huber says:

    Hi have a sony w880i nay tips how to make file transfer work with USB cable

    Cheers for any help !


  63. Aris says:

    Thank you ! Works fine with W595 in “mass storage” mode, even on the old OSX 10.4.11

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